OILD Day 10 – Mount Lanakila

So it’s the last Obligatory Ice Level Day post. It’s day 10, and that means we’ve come to a close here. But when you get to the very end, that just means the story’s about to reach a great conclusion. That’s why today’s ice level is Mount Lanakila, from Pokémon Sun and Moon!


Normally I wouldn’t do this, but the game is so new that I probably should: This contains spoilers for Pokémon Sun and Moon. If you want to avoid them, run away! RUN!

So, here we go. Pokémon Sun and Moon take place in the Alola region, a collection of tropical islands that are home to a ton of new Pokémon. Alola’s quite different from other regions in the series. Instead of gyms run by the gym leaders, you take on the Island Challenge, where you complete tasks and then face off against the area’s Totem Pokémon. When you succeed in every trial the island has to offer, you can then challenge the island kahuna to a Pokémon battle. Travel to each island, explore, make new friends, and fulfill your dreams!

Mount Lanakila is near the end of the game. By this point, Alola’s built its first Pokémon League, and what better location than the highest peak in the region? The high altitude means that the climate is pretty snowy and cold, so of course it’s home to a few Ice-type Pokémon! Of note are the many Alolan Vulpixes in Sun and Alolan Sandshrews in Moon. The cave also houses the Icium Z Crystal, allowing your Pokémon to unleash the powerful Ice-Type Z move, Subzero Slammer. The Ice Rock is here too, allowing you to evolve a few different species of Pokémon. When you finally reach the top of the mountain, the brand new League building awaits you. Will you and your team be ready to face any challenge you find inside?

oild-mount-lanakila-tRainbows! Perfect for this color-themed Ice Level Day! Get the full wallpaper here.

And some music. Mount Lanakila has its own theme, and it’s pretty great. It’s an orchestral sounding song that really gets you pumped for the battle ahead!

And remixes! Mount Lanakila doesn’t have anything in the way of remixes yet, but we still have a lot to post. This remix of Route 216 from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl is by A Cloud Called Klaus, this version is by Select Start, and this one is by insaneintherainmusic! This mix of Snowbelle City from Pokémon X and Y is by GlitchxCity, this version is by Mixeli, and this one is by Little V Mills!

But that’s not all! Now here’s a ton of different great ice level remixes from a bunch of different games. Why not, really?

Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Scientist Boy (and the Magical Monkey) is a remix of Snowman from the Mother series, and it’s by ella guro. and Winters & Morse is a remix of Winters from Earthbound, and it’s by Joshua Morse. Popsicle Synthony is a remix of Frost Man from Mega Man 8, and it’s by MetallTool.  Like Snowflakes is a cover of Snowy from Undertale, and it’s by Ace Waters, and this version of Snowy is by String Player Gamer. Similarly, Such a Friendly Town is a cover of Snowdin from Undertale, and it’s also by Ace Waters, and Ice to Meet You! is a version by insaneintherainmusic. Neon Glaciers is a remix of The Glacial Fortress from Omega Five, and it’s by Mattias Häggström Gerdt. Hot Machine, Cold Surface is a remix of Phendrana Drifts from Metroid Prime, by Ben Prunty, while this version of Phendrana Drifts is also by insaneintherainmusic. Icy Peaks is a remix of Paradise ~ Deep Mountain from Touhou: Perfect Cherry Blossom, and it’s by Justus Johnston. This version of Winterbliss from Castle Crashers is by FamilyJules7x. Void Temple is a remix of Hazakura Temple and Simple Melody from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations, and it’s by Fu Zhixiang. Disciple of the Ice is by DJtheS, and it’s a huge medley of a lot of different ice themes. Fisherman’s Horizon (Christmas ver.) by Goomin Nam is technically not an ice level song but hey, whatever, I still loved Toast’s Final Fantasy 8 stream so I can do whatever I want! Merry Little Christmas is a remix of Dreams Dreams from Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams, and it’s by Dale North. And of course, my traditional closer, Mario’s Sleigh Ride by The OneUps combines Super Mario World songs with classic holiday tunes.

And don’t forget the OILD soundtracks, found here, here, here, and here!

So yep, there it all is. Hope you had fun! Now get out there and help people, overcome challenges, take care of yourself, spend time with your loved ones, get a project or two done, and always aim straight for the top! Merry Obligatory Ice Level Day to all, and to all a great extra stage!

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