TheSpeedGamers was founded by Britt LaRiviere in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. One day Britt and a few of his friends decided to have a weekend gaming marathon for fun, like most of us do on our spare weekends, when an idea was formed. “Why not stream it live?” he wondered. Just then another idea was formed, “Why not do it for charity?”. This is the basis for how TSG as you know it was formed.

Since that first marathon in March 2008, TSG has expanded to include members from around the world, and went on to do multiple marathons for a myriad of charities and causes; Some of which include St. Jude, Susan G. Komen, ACT Today, and Ally’s House. They have proven that gamers can do more then just play games, they can also help save or better the lives of others.

If you’d like to see how much money we’ve raised for charities, please visit our Past Marathons page. (Current total over $450,000)

This video should help explain what we do:


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