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VG Flash #1 – B4U

Hey! Party people!

In my neverending quest to make everything about me all the time forever, I’ve decided to update with the VG Flash backlog. Witness the glorious evolution (or lack thereof) of Wilhelm the shrimp and Zee the bluberry’s adventures!

First up is B4U, a song from Dance Dance Revolution. Originally the project was called “DDR Flash” and was only going to feature music from Konami’s Bemani series. When I first got into Bemani games, I had visions for many of the songs in the series, though most of them are too ambitious for just one person. This first cartoon is a simplified version of what I thought of for B4U; I knew I wanted one character vs. a giant, transformed robot, but the original idea was pretty involved. Anyway, this was meant to be more of a standalone thing and just some Flash practice, but the ending confused people so I kept on going.

Also this was back when I couldn’t convert my .swf files without a free trial program, so enjoy the ugly watermark!


VG Flash #24 – Raccoon City

Greetings, mortals!

I love me some attention. When Britt appeared to me during one of my many vision quests and said “hey, you’ll get to make your own blog posts on the site!”, the first thing I told him was “well steel yourself, because I’m turning your little dog & pony & charity & basic human decency show into the ME ME ME ANATOTITAN POWER HOUR.” He laughed, I asked him what was so funny, he told me it was none of my business, I broke a chair over his head, yadda yadda yadda. Long story short, my stitches are healing nicely and I get to show you VG Flash, my cartoon series! VG Flash details the epic journey of Wilhlem, a knife-wielding tempura shrimp, and Zee, a flying blueberry,  using video game music as a backdrop. This may seem odd, since everyone knows tempura shrimp and blueberries are natural enemies in the wild.

You fans of counting out there might notice that I’m starting with cartoon #24, which is rarely if ever the first number in the alphabet. I’m showing this one first since (A) it promotes the Resident Evil marathon and (B) as always I’m hoping to ride Jack Bauer’s coattails to glory.

So here we have VG Flash #24: Raccoon City!



I don’t know how the internet works. Oh sure, I know what direction in which to point you should you want to see some eye-scarring Lion King fanart or read a blog post about how the Golden Gate bridge is a sentient being, but I don’t know how it works. For all I know, magical internet gnomes (intergnomes) run on various Dr. Suess-esque treadmills, and their adorable sweat and tears are what allow my computer to run Left 4 Dead just long enough for me to get kicked from every game for being a n00b.

Fortunately, Britt and Local were able to teach me how to make the possessed computer box work, and now I’m driving my big truck of tubes right into your face! So brace yourselves, because I’m going to be updating with various video game-themed art every so often.

As a test, here’s an old Resident Evil pic I did a few years back. If my posting this causes the site to shut down, we know I need to be taught a few more things.

Licker, Bandersnatch, and Hunter