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Valve Launches Steam Trading Beta

Valve love the idea of trading so much, that they have released the beta version of a system that allows players to trade unplayed games with one another for other games and in-game items.

Imagine what you do in TF2 – you poke someone, offer them your goodies for their goodies, and go off on your merry way. That’s how this is gonna work, but through Steam – this also means you no longer have to boot up TF2 to trade as well, all trades done in the friend list. However, any games that have been played will not be able to be traded, so extra copies as part of a bundle or just games you never got to start up are the only ones you will be able to choose.

At the moment, it’s only TF2 but this may extend to other games, especially the other F2P games. To get into the beta, just go to your Steam Settings, and activate the Beta from there. All the information is on the Steam Support page for the Beta

(Source: GamePro )


Borderlands 2 Officially Announced

There were rumours floating around yesterday, but Gearbox have officially stated that Borderlands 2 will be coming to us – somepoint between April 1st 2012 and March 31st 2013 – one of the vaguest, yet accurate windows I’ve heard for a while

According to the Press Release given out today, there will be brand new characters, abilities, places to explore and of course all new weaponry and equipment with which to kill the brand new enemies, which is always a very welcome bonus. The announcement has come as no huge surprise, as time and time again, Randy Pitchford has stated he wants to do more with Borderlands, which has come in the shape of this sequel.

If they’re changing nearly everything about it, is there a chance it will fall into the same pit Square Enix did when they tried to revitalise Final Fantasy? Or do Gearbox know what they’re doing? Time will tell

(Source: Gamepro )


Capcom Announce Social Games Through Beeline

Capcom cancelled Legends 3 and have yet to localise a few games, however don’t worry! More information has come out announcing four of eight future casual games from their new publishing brand Beeline.

Among the licesnses gathered are Peanuts and the Smurfs, which are expected to be released over the next year for the iPad, iPhone and iPod. Two games are due for release soon in the shape of Smurf Grabber – yes, those Smurfs – and Monster Pet Shop, with Dream Park just released. All are lined up to be free, with micro-transactions the source of funding.

The only other game slated for release is the tenatively titled Snoopy, but no solid release dates exist yet.

(Source: Gamespot )


Vita’s Online Features Explained By Sony

At Develop Conference 2011, Phil Rodgers – Sony’s European R&D Manager – gave some details on what we can expect the Vita to be capable of when it launches.

First off is Near, eerily similar to the 3DS’ Spotpass. However the gifts that you can obtain follow the system around, rather than exist in one place. Users can create their own little gifts, but can not exceed more than 100kb – these may be things like weapons, rare stuff and even challenges in games such as Wipeout.

Party is a borrowed concept from the 360, that allows up to four users to chat via voice and text no matter what they are playing or doing on the system. However, this won’t be shoehorned into games for the Vita, with Rodgers stating that “game can choose not to” include the system, however with a push of a button, people in your party can join the game you’re playing.

Finally the LiveArea, which is where you go when the system is booted up. It’s a bit of mixture of the current PS3 menu as well as Facebook, as you can comment on other player’s progress and achievements, with automatic updates given. LiveArea is also a way for developers and publishers to give out more news about the game as well as DLC and updates.

They certainly seem promising, even if they are taking the best elements from different consoles – no official release date as yet, but the rumoured date is still sitting at November 4th of this year.

(Source: Eurogamer )


Goldeneye 007: Reloaded Announced For 360/PS3

Yep, the next HD remake has come in the shape of Goldeneye 007: Reloaded, announced by Activision to be released in Fall/Autumn 2011.

It’s the Wii remake, however it’s been given a new engine to power up the HD visuals, as well as a brand  new mode called “Mi6 Ops Missions” that sees the player undergo various missions with either Assault, Defence, Elimination and tealth-based objectives. If that wasn’t enough, four-player split-screen is also available as well as sixteen player online.

While it does seem a bit early to be releasing this soon after it was released for the Wii, would it not have been prudent to release it as the same time as the Wii game, allowing for everyone to play?

(Source: destructoid )


Family Guy MMO To Go Open Beta Later This Year

No, you are not reading that wrong. Family Guy Online, an MMO, has been announced by Fox.

It will be Free-to-play, browser based and be in full 3D. The game will revolve around doing quests, and you get to create your own character in the style of those in the show. There are also classes that are based on the main characters from the show. Wanna be like Peter? You’re a tank! Want to be like Stewie? You get to play with gadgets!

The most intruiging claim comes from the game’s developer Roadhouse, who say that they are attempting to make a game that appeals to both those that prefer “core” games like Halo and those that prefer “casual” like Farmville, the developer admitting it is a difficult balance. This should be rather interesting – Hidden Gem, or yet another MMO that will go ignored?

(Source: g4tv )


Petition To Save Star Wars Galaxies Fails

Somewhat relevant to the theme of the current marathon on TSG,  Star Wars Galaxies has not been granted a stay of execution after Sony responded to a several thousand strong petition to keep the game going.

They said in a statement given to GamePro that the decision to end the availablility of the game was a mutual one by both Sony and LucasArts. The increasingly-common Free-To-Play model was considered, but deemed unviable for the game, and could not be implemented. The full statement doesn’t explain more than what was originally announced, feeling slightly rehashed from the original announcement.

One of the more substantial reasons could be the release of The Old Republic on the horizon, LucasArts don’t want two conflicting IP’s on the market. Unfortunately, time is up for Galaxies, and any fans of the game may have to switch over.


Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s Cutscenes Fully Controllable

Those who have been following Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s development will have heard that you can control characters during a live cutscene. Versus is going one step further, and is letting you control characters during every single cutscene, including the pre-rendered scenes, according to Tetsuya Nomura.

All the pre-rendered scenes, the ones with the movie-esque quality – think the scene from Bevelle in FFX when they are sliding down from the airship, that kind of pre-rendered – will be rendered in real time, giving players the opportunity to move and do things during the cutscene. Nomura  made his intentions clear during the interview with Famitsu – he wants the player to never stop feeling like they are playing.

Other revelations include that this game is unlike the usual Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy Type-o and Kingdom Hearts, with battles changing on a player’s actions. While no release date was given, Nomura stated he had a time-frame in mind.

(Source: siliconera )


Catherine Preview

Atlus have a great reputation as an RPG developer, thanks to series such as Persona and Shin Megami Tensei. So many expected that Catherine would follow suit – however, they have gone for an action-platformer with a puzzle twist. Luckily for both you guys and me, Atlus gave a tech demo to whet our appetites, so let’s take a sneaky peak into a rather exciting game.

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