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Microsoft’s ‘free’ game

This week on Xbox Live a brand new Arcade game that is advertised as a ‘full game’ on the Spotlight channel that can be downloaded for free. This so called free game will eat up 321.8 MB of your hard drive for you to realise this download contains no gameplay and you cannot play the game until you pay for it.

This game is Pinball FX 2. This ‘free’ game is merely a launch pad for all the downloadable pinball tables associated with it. Quite clearly false advertising.

So maybe this particular game is not relevant to many of you, but if Microsoft can cleverly market this as being free when it isn’t to squeeze money out of you, what other games are they or will they do it with? Bad move Microsoft.

(Source: Examiner)

Gran Turismo 6 In Development

Although there is a very veryy long wait for Gran Turismo 5, this hasn’t put off developer Polyphony Digital from starting the 6th title right away. The series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed that the development of the 6th racing game is under way, although when questioned about the release of this game he was very reluctant to give anything away.

“It’s not something we can talk lightly on. It took 2,000 days to get all the ideas that went into GT5. It’s just too early to be talking about GT6,” he said.

As for the latest on GT5, Kazunori has said the game discs are currently being pressed and is suggesting a release for the end of this year. Although on Sony’s official online store they did post the release date as 30th November, but this is just a placeholder and Sony still have not confirmed the official launch details.

(Source: IGN)

Fender’s Rock Band 3 Guitar

So back when Rock Band 3 was first introduced Harmonix revealed that They would be teaming up with the guitar manufacturer Fender to produce a fully functional guitar campatible with the game’s new pro mode.

Finally Fender and Harmonix can reveal the date and price on this guitar. Said guitar is a Fender Squier Stratocaster Guitar/Controller and is set to be released March 1st being available for preorder from January 1st. It can be yours for $279.99 – although the pound sterling price hasnt been said this roughly translates to £175.00 based on the American price.

This is a full-size electric guitar completed with a 22-fret maple neck and steel strings. The fretboard features position-sensing technology that determines the players performance note for note and a specialised bridge pickup detects how the player strums or picks each string. Just like any other guitar it can be connected to an amp to played normally and even supports MIDI output for professional digital recording due to digital sensor technology.

Awesome much? Check out a photo after the jump.

(Source: IGN)

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COD: Black Ops Top Secret Exposed

Youtube videos have been feeding Call of Duty fans with leaked footage of Black Ops for several weeks now with footage from single player campaign to its Zombies mode but now the games last big secret seems to have been revealed a weeks before the release.

The Black Ops ‘Dead Ops Arcade’ mode was mentioned in a legit Acheivements/Trophies list back at the end of September but now Youtubers are claiming that this is an unlockable arcade mode which is actually a spin off of the title’s popular Zombies mode.

Just like the Zombies mode, Dead Ops is a round-based game that enables you to clear waves of the undead, except this time it’s from a top down perspective, using the left analogue stick to move and the right one to fire. This mode supports co-op play also.

I’m assuming that all the videos showing this on Youtube have been removed by Activision already but they were there showing footage supporting all of this information. One video showed a ‘Speed Boost’ allowing you to blast through 20 or so enemies at a time and this ‘Speed Boost’ was also talked about in the Acheivements revealed in September.

(Source: ComputerandVideogames)

Way of the Samurai 4

So Spike and Acquire are teaming up yet again for part 4 in the Way of the Samurai series.

This game is set in a harbour town back when Japan first opened it’s doors to foreigners and focuses on 3 main groups who compete for control: the government through Hikaru Kotobuki, the isolationalists through Reddo Akagi and the foreigners through Jet Jenkins. There are 3 selections of characters: youth, young man and middle aged man.

The game will include a mix of story, combat and event scenes just like the previous titles except this one claims to be longer. The event scenes will contain more elements and the combat promises some major changes from past entries but details are being kept quiet.

Just like all the others, part 4 will be out on the PS3 first, being released this Winter in Japan. Although there has not been a date set for the xbox 360 version or for anywhere outside of Japan, but it will come soon.

(Source: IGN)

Megaman Creator Leaves Capcom

After 23 years, Head of Development Keiji Inafune announces that he is leaving Capcom. The head of R&D at Capcom and CEO of Capcom online gaming subsidiary Daletto will only be so until the end of the month, as he said in his blog.

Inafune started at Capcom 23 years ago as a character designer and rose through the ranks to where he proudly stands now.

He has recently been the source of controversial comments about the Japanese gaming industry. At a Dead Rising 2 Tokyo Game Show party last year he declared the Japanese industry dead after seeing what was on offer.

In his blog, Inafune did not reveal a reason for his leave, he just referred to Capcom as “truly a good company” and adding “I love Capcom”.  Although he did indicate that he most likely wouldn’t be working with Capcom in the future.

He indicated that one of his reasons for leaving is that he had reached his peak within Capcom and that he had no further steps to take at the company. He said, “It would probably be good for me to sit gracefully in this seat and become a leading figure in the industry. However, I cannot do this. Settling down means death for the creator. As long as you are a creator, you cannot settle down.”

(Source: IGN)

New Dragon Age II Trailer

So you want to know about the Champion?

Bioware has just produced a new trailer for Dragon Age II showing in-game footage, some new story stuff and a rogue. The world is on the brink of war, a woman’s being lied to, people are exploding into bloody messes, what’s not to like about this trailer.

“Not designed for a tank role like the warrior or damage and support class like the mage, the rogue is more of a one-on-one fighter.”

Game will be available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and will be released on March 8th for the US and March 11th in Europe. Don’t forget that if you preorder it from the official site before Jan 11th you can get a bunch of free stuff.

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Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage Trailer

So here’s an all new gameplay trialer for Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage. This video features Rei, an angry guy who can cut people into pieces by waving his hands around. Awesome.

In my opinion, this trailer is beyond epic. Out on PS3 and Xbox 360 on November 2nd for you Americans and November 5th for us Europeans.

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Rumor: PSP2 Gets An Extra Inch

Literally. The new PSP2’s screen will be an inch larger and ‘sharper’ than the PSP.

Kotaku reports that: “The screen itself is not only sharper than the current PSP’s but also about an inch larger. The larger screen means that the PSP2 will be larger as well. In the private meetings, Sony is touting the screen as ‘HD’ “

These reports also back up information gathered about the existence of a touch screen panel on the back of the device saying: “The touch panel was described as looking like a big mouse track pad. When Sony showed the PSP2, it did not provide concrete details regarding how the trackpad will be implemented in games and instead is leaving that to the discretion of game developers.”

In saying this the product stands unfinished and spec is likely to change. Sources say that the PSP2 is likely to launch at the end of 2011 but this is just a rumour.

(Source: Eurogamer)

Doom and Double D Dodgeball pulled from XBLA

A few days ago Doom and Double D Dodgeball were pulled from Xbox Live Arcade just like that without warning. But people who have previously purchased these games from XBLA can still play them.

Since then Zenimax have informed us that Doom was removed due to ‘expiring rights’ and that it ‘should be back up soon from Bethesda’. But still nothing about Double D Dodgeball. Hmm..

(Source: Joystiq)