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New Elements planned for Mario Kart 3DS

In an interview conducted by Nintendo Power magazine, 3D producer Hideki Konno how Nintendo wishes to expand on this installment compared on previous entries in the series to make this a more refined experience for the player. “Now that Nintendogs + Cats is done, I’ve been able to spend more time and energy on Mario Kart development. We really want to bring a bunch of new elements into the game, and I’m really looking forward to the time that I can announce what those elements are. Perhaps we’ll be able to talk in more detail at this year’s E3 event.” Konno has previously made statements about how he wishes to rebalance the games power items to make it more fair for everyone (There goes my wish of a triple blue shell item) however other than a few sketchy pieces of information, not much is known about the game.

Source: (Nintendolife)


Ocarina of Time 3DS recieves new trailer

Ocarina of Time 3DS is one of the most widely anticipated ports games for the Nintendo 3DS (Outside of Tales of the Abyss 3DS, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II) as it proves to take one of the most well received video games ever and remake it for a new audience. Unlike most other remakes of this nature, Nintendo is outsourcing the game to Grezzo, a game studio creator by Koichi Ishii (Creator of the first three Secret of Mana games) whose only previous game is Line Attack Heroes, a WiiWare game that is currently only available in Japan. The trailer can be viewed after the jump and the game is set to come out on the 17th of June for Europeans and the 19th of June for Americans.

Source: (Nintendolife)

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Suda51 and Shinji Mikami reveal new Shadows of the Damned trailer

Shadows of the DAMNED! is a third person action game formed with the partnership of Grasshopper Manufacture (Well known for their niche games such as Killer7 and No More Heroes) and EA Interactive (Known for their even more niche games such as M.U.L.E, Terra Driver and whatever Madden is). The game is set to come out in America for June 21st after being pushed back by two weeks. To lessen the wait, Suda51 and Shinji Mikami (The developers of the game) prepared a rather bizarre (and that’s putting it LIGHTLY) trailer demonstrating some of the gameplay concepts they introduced in the game along with some more gameplay footage. Anyone who can remember as far back as 2006 will remember that Grasshopper released some concept art for a game called Kurayami which seems to have a lot of the concepts from that game introduced into Shadows. The trailer can be viewed after the jump.

Source: (Joystiq)

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Wii Price Drop and Budget Line Imminent? (Update)

According to an omnious retail source that has been in contact with Kotaku, the price of the Wii is set to drop from its standard price to $150. Along with this news, Nintendo are planning on doing a “Wii Select” line, similar to that of the Platinum line that was adaopted by the PS3 and the 360. The games are set to cost $19.99 each The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Wii Sports and Mario Super Sluggers. In addition to the price drop and the Wii Select line, The retail sources say that all new Wii consoles will come with a free copy of Mario Kart instead of Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resorts, most likely to capitalise on the fact that Wii Sports is now a part of the budget line. The new Mario Kart combo is set to be released in America May 15th however there is no confirmation as to when the Wii Select line will become market avaliable.

Source: (Nintendo World)

Update: The price drop has since been confirmed by Nintendo


Catherine Limited Edition Arrives in America, Boxer Shorts Included!

Catherine is an Erotic Thriller action game created by Atlus (by the same people who worked on the Shin Megami Tensei series) which has has a rather interesting localisation history with Atlus confirming that the game would never be released outside of Japan… Until they confirmed otherwise. Announced today by Atlus, the “Love is Over” limited edition set (A reference to the phrase uttered on the game over screen. And you will die, A lot) will be very… different compared to Atlus’s other LE boxsets. The boxset will come with the game, a pair of Vincent’s Boxer shorts which are worn during the puzzle sections, the empty hearts T-shirts that Catherine wears throughout the game, A Catherine pillow case (just a pillowcase, not a Daimakura) and they are all nicely collected inside a Super Sheep pizza box (an ingame reference to the bar where Vincent and his friends hang out). The special edition will be avaliable for $79.99 and it will be only be avaliable for preorder through Atlus directly because Atlus will make sure that only enough copies are made to furfill reservations. the game itself can be obtained for $59.99 however Atlus have said that anyone who preorders will recieve a soundtrack CD containing eleven tracks from the game remixed by Shoji Meguro as well as a 36 page art book (both items will also be avaliable in the special edition). The game is set for an American release on July 27th, with no word on a European release date.

Source: (Siliconera)


New Guilty Gear To Be Released… Eventually

Fans of Guilty Gear and Guilty Gear Lite (The Game formally known as BlazBlue) can still cling to hope on the long term survival on one of the best fighting game series ever. After Sammy broke their ties with Arc System and took the rights to all of the characters pre Guilty Gear Isuka, the future of the series has been in doubt. In an interview with Siliconera, Daisuke Ishiwatari (the creator of the series) said that while he was at Arc Systems Clash (A Guilty Gear/BlazBlue showcase at London to meet the fans while promoting the EU release of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus) he admired the passion that the fans had and that “Let’s just say that you won’t be disappointed”. In responce to when Siliconera asked Daisuke when the new Guilty Gear would arrive, he responded “When that new Guilty Gear will come? I honestly don’t know – not because I can’t tell you, but because I really don’t know – but it will happen eventually!” Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus will be released in Europe this Friday and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II will arrive in America for the PSP & 3DS on May 31st.

Source: (Siliconera)


Rumour: Tales of the Abyss 3DS coming to Europe Spring 2012

Tales of the Abyss was part of Namco’s crtically acclaimed Tales of series, a JRPG series that is well known for its Linear Motion Battle System, unique characters and its managed to become a staple of the Japanese RPG genre. Abyss is considered to be one of the best games in the series, self proclaimed by its fans who managed to get hold of the Japanese or American versions. As with Legendia, Abyss never saw a release over in Europe for unknown reasons and when the news hit that a 3DS port was in the works, European Tales fans were excited of a possible announcement. It seems that for the first time, hoep has finally arrived! After the confirmation of Tales of the Abyss 3DS was to be released in North America alongside the animé distributed by Funimations and the official manga, UK magazine Ngamer listed the game for a Spring 2012 release. This placement is quite reassuring as Ngamer have always been very accurate when it comes to infomation (They were the first piece of media to confirm that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was coming to the Revolution (What’s more commonly known as the Wii)) and this infomation was told directly by Namco Bandai themselves. Unfortunatly, Spring 2012 is a rather long time to wait for a game that Japan and America is expected to get this summer however considering the amount of games that the UK has been deprived of, we’ll take anything we can get.

Source: (GoNintendo)


Nendroid Generations Is… Kawaii

Banpresto is most famous for creating the Super Robot Wars series which is a widely regarded series of tactical role-playing games featuring various mecha characters from various animé series. They also collaborated with From Software to create the Another Century Episode series which featured the same borrowed mecha characters from Super Robot Wars but instead it has a focus on Zone of the Enders styled mech battles). Their next game was a cause of surprise to many when the president of the comapny announced that he has been working with Namco Bandai of a game called “Nendroid Generations” for the PSP. A Nendroid is a model of a humanoid figure with a large head in contrast to a disproportioned body (Take the example of Haruhi shown in the image for this article). Nendroid Generations will be helmed by the Good Smile company who are best known for creating various Nendroids themselves. So far, there will be representatives from their; Haruhi series, Fate/Stay Night series, Black Rock Shooter series and their Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series. As far as the battle system goes, various characters will be able to chain together their attacks which can change depending on who is in your group (Kind of like Chrono Trigger). Namco have also added; team attacks, dance mode, and a communication mode. Namco said in a statement that developement on the game is currently at 20% and that a release date should be expected sometime in the future.

Source: (Siliconera)

Umineko S

2D Umineko Fighting Game Coming to Xbox 360

Umineko is a series of visual novels noted for their abstract characters, absurd storylines and general perpelxing insanity. The series have spawned Light Novels, Animé, Manga, and now it’s own doujin video game. The original version of Umineko was conceived as an indie PC fighting game displayed at last years Otakon (The same way that Melty Blood came into fruition) and it was shown to be one of the highlights of the event as the developers managed to take the characters everyone knew and loved and placed them in a fighting game with amazing animation, a framerate for a 2D fighter not seen since Street Fighter 3 or Garou: Mark of the Wolves and in general, all the components of a very awesome game.

What’s even better is that Alchemist (Creators of GalGun AKA Game of the Year 2010) confirmed that they are working on a 360 port of the Doujin featuring three new characters (Rosa Ushiromiya, George Ushiromiya and Jessica Ushiromiya), New scenarios and endings that will expand of the mythos of the series as well as Xbox Live compatability for smoother online play. No release date has been specified although fingers crossed for a region free release (If you can’t wait for that, Arcana Heart 3 came out on NA PSN for $30 if you can’t wait for a solid 2D fighting game, get to it!)

Also, this is my 200th news post, so yay to me.

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Moon Diver Hitting XBLA May 4th

Moon Diver has been on PSN for about a month now and in that month, it has recieved various acclaims from its fans as an atypical example of the rebirth of the modern action genre (As with the other major action release of Hard Corps: Uprising). While an XBLA version of the PSN was confirmed, it is only until today that an actual release date has been confirmed. The game will be avaliable on XBLA on May 4th which is interesting considering it comes out on the same day as Treasure’s first original offering on XBLA: Bangai O HD: Missile Fury. For those who haven’t bought the demo for themselves but have access to PSN, A demo is avaliable there to see whether the game if to your tastes or not (It’s definetly a very polarising game as far as 2D scrolling action games go). The game will be avaliable for 800MSP which corresponds to the price of its original PSN release.

Source: (Siliconera)