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Latest Ocarina of Time 3D Trailer

A trailer for the newest remake of the Legend of Zelda series is here, and it sure does deliver. Showing tons and tons of game play in many different aspects of the game itself. This two-minute delight will surely please those who love and enjoy the series.


With the release date around the corner more trailers may surface. Hold on to your seats and enjoy the ride… After the jump.

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Playstation Network Maintenance, No Store Restoration

According to the blog over at Sony. The Playstation Network will undergo maintenance from 8am to approximately 5pm Pacific time. Users may face difficulties logging into the PSN, but are able to play their games online. Account Registration, Management and password resetting are unavailable during the maintenance.


There was a rumor that the Playstation Store was to relaunch on May 24th 2011, but Sony confirmed today in their blog that the store will not return today. Stated by Jeff Rubenstein, “For those asking about the PlayStation Store, we’re still targeting restoration of all services by the end of this month. Contrary to reports, the Store will not be publishing today.”


Sorry to those who were expecting the store to relaunch today, but a little more waiting can’t hurt will it?


(Source: Playstation Blog)