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Camp Fangamer July 28-31 benefiting “Speak Your Silence”

TheSpeedGamers will be at Camp Fangamer July 28-31  helping host the  EB Bash Mk III stream.  There will be a playthrough of Mother 3 and tons of entertainment like live music by The Super Souls Bros.  Each day we will be hosting cut-throat auctions leading up to our main auction on Sunday evening.  Here’s a peek at one of our auction items by Eyes5

You can view the stream at . We will be raising money for .

For more details, check out

TSG Zelda Marathon Raised over $40,000 for St. Jude!!!

What a great event! We enjoyed spending the week gaming with all of you and raising over $40,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. During the marathon we announced 3 upcoming events; “Trick or Treat Marathon” Oct 14-17 2016, “Pokemon Sun and Moon” Dec 16-19 2016, and “Zelda Breath of The Wild” Spring 2017. We appreciate everyone who donated, modded, watched and took part in the event. The viewers kept us energized and engaged. We loved chatting with you and sharing our efforts in raising money for a great cause. It’s a complete team effort and we needed everyone to make this event as successful as it was. We look forward to seeing you all in October!! Listed below are the prize winners from the Zelda marathon. We will be emailing you in the next week to get shipping information if you won a prize. Also, please be sure to check out our forums to hang out with the rest of the community

Prize Pack #1 Turpinator, Prize Pack #2 Pie_loco, Prize Pack #3 BobbyBoberson Prize Pack #4 Inunaru, Prize Pack #5 Andrea Collins, Prize Pack #6 Miraidebeia, Prize Pack #7 EvilAllstar, Grand Prize NMUFred

Auction 1: Bdiddy Auction 2: MySweetTime Auction 3: Drunken_rager

Team T-Shirts by Fangamer in Support of St. Jude

Fangamer is supporting our event with these AWESOME official TSG.TV Zelda Marathon team shirts. $10 from each purchase will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Who will you side with? Both go toward the same great cause, St. Jude!!

Team Hyrule shirt “Golden Harmony” designed by Jon Kay
Golden Harmony

Team Lorule shirt “Dark Chaos” designed by Nina Matsumoto
Dark Chaos

The Zelda Marathon “Hyrule vs Lorule” begins on June 24 @ 6pm central on . For more details, go here:

Zelda Marathon Details (June 24-July 1) “Hyrule vs Lorule”

Team Rosters and Schedule (subject to change):

Rules recap:  Attendees have been divided into two teams, Hyrule and Lorule. There are 14 games being played by each team.  For each run, a player starts with 5 points. Each death results in a loss of one point. If a runner beats their goal time, they will receive a bonus point. During races, the winning runner will get 3 points for their team.  At the end of the marathon, the team with the most points will be awarded the Tri-Hard Championship.

Daily points up for grabs!: There will be around 3 points per day that the chat/community will have an impact on which team gets the points. We will be running promotional contests, fan art, auctions and more to decide which teams are worthy of the points.

Buy items at the Curiosity Shop to help your team!:  When donating you will be able to purchase items from the Curiosity Shop that will impact the player.  For example, by putting “arrows” in a donation comment $30 or higher will result in an automated nerf gun firing arrows at the player. We have several other items rigged up to an Arduino board that will trigger from keywords  in donation comments. A list of items and their prices will be available during the marathon.

And more: Prizes, shirts and more will be detailed in the coming weeks.

The Zelda Marathon “Hyrule v.s Lorule” is benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 

Zelda Marathon Details Part 1

This post is meant to shed some light on the format of our Zelda Marathon. We are dividing our marathon attendees into two teams, Team Hyrule (light world)and Lorule (dark world) . Every run will net a team points depending on their performance.  A run will start with 5 points and each death will be a loss of one point.  At the end of the run the the points will be added to the teams total score.  For example, if I’m on team Hyrule and I play Majora’s Mask with 1 death, I will gain 4 points for team Hyrule. The runners will also each set their own goal times. If the goal time is beaten, you gain an additional bonus point for your team. There will also be races that will gain the winning player +3 points for their team.

Each day there will be a few points up for grabs that will be decided by viewer participation.  Fan art, promotion, etc.  Another example, “Today community member Evandeck received the most retweets promoting the Zelda marathon. Evandeck can now choose which team he would like to give one point to.” There are other contributing factors and partnerships that we will be revealing as we get closer to the marathon.

I think fun competition will be a great way to highlight our strengths , raise a great amount of money for charity, and have a great time with the community.  Teams and more information will be announced in upcoming blog posts.

The Zelda Marathon is 1 week long, June 24-July 1 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 

Mega March Starts Tomorrow @ 2pm ! (March 11-15)

Starting tomorrow (March 11) at 2pm central, we will be celebrating 8 years of TSG by playing Mega Man around the clock until March 15th. We are getting a head start on raising money for St. Jude and opening up donations during Mega March. Below is a rough schedule of what will be played. You can view the entire marathon and chat with us at Continue reading Mega March Starts Tomorrow @ 2pm ! (March 11-15)

MEGA MARCH! Celebrating 8 years of TheSpeedGamers

Starting on Friday March 11th the TSG staff and community will be playing over 72  hours of Mega Man to celebrate our 8 year anniversary ! You will be able to watch the entire event on our twitch page, . The marathon will be played remotely like our community events and not like our typical marathons. Continue reading MEGA MARCH! Celebrating 8 years of TheSpeedGamers