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Pokemon X&Y Giveaway

To try and promote more activity within our forums, we will be giving away 1 copy of either Pokemon X or Y. For every time you make a post or start a thread in the month of September you will get a ticket into the raffle. You can get a max of two tickets a day. This means you have a chance to get 60 tickets into the raffle since there are 30 days in September.

Each day post the amount of raffle tickets you acquired in this thread. So if tomorrow I made 2 posts in our forums, I would post in this thread, “today I should receive two raffle tickets.” I will be checking for authenticity so please do not cheat.

The winner will be announced Wednesday October 2.

Good luck everyone!!


Summer to Fall to Winter

The Final Fantasy Marathon is in the books! Everybody involved did a great job, a complete team effort. We ended raising $32, 753 for ACT Today. That ranks as our 4th most successful marathon. We have now surpassed $425,000 total raised for various charities/causes. All prize winners from the FF marathon should be notified soon.

We’ve started transitioning into planning for our upcoming Halloween (Oct 18-21) and Zelda (Dec 13-16) marathons.  Soon you should see changes to the front page banner and forums as well as their backgrounds. If you need you need access to the marathon planning forum, please either pm/tweet/email me. You will also see a batch of new community/forum events and contests soon.

We’ve got some big ideas for each of our next couple of marathons. I’ll be posting about them over the next several weeks on the blog. Thank you guys for supporting us over the 5+ years. We’ve got a lot planned for the future.


The Silence is Broken; Les Talk Final Fantasy BABY!

It’s been a long time between updates and I wanted to get you all up to speed on what I’ve been doing…err.. or not doing. We have a preliminary schedule being worked on in our Final Fantasy section of the forums and we have a full list of players.

There are a few first time participants and runners from the SDA and SRL communities. I’m really excited about this and thankful for them contributing their time toward our cause. Right now Poxnor is scheduled to be kicking off the event by playing Final Fantasy 8. He will also be playing the FF Legends trilogy. He’s going to be in town for the event and we will make sure to get him a pair of cowboy boots and his own horse that he can ride back to Canada..also…CHEESECAKE FACTORY AND YUMMYLICIOUS (local frozen yogurt joint). Another first time runner for TSG also hailing from the great white North and obliterator of everything Final Fantasy will be the speed running artist Crystal Beauty playing Final fantasy 10.  Returning for her 3rd marathon, playing Final Fantasy VI , as I like to call her the Queen of Final Fantasy, Kari “Essentia” Johnson.

We also have a lot of first time players from our own community. Mayday will make her playing debut with Final Fantasy 10-2. Mayday has been participating in our marathons for awhile now by commentating , being a part of our marketing team and also helping with a million other behind the scene event coordination efforts.  Fellow Texan Giraffesaredope will be moseying down to the Rocking H  Ranch for the first time and playing Final Fantasy XII. Giraffes has been streaming for TSG presents for the past couple of years and is known on the forums as Ninja Monkey. Cosmoid is playing Final Fantasy III and  is another fellow TSG Presents streamer, former writer for the blog and a frequent video guest during our marathons. Last but not least, because we just can’t get enough of our Canadian brethren, Wazuki will be making his debut playing the fan favorite Final Fantasy VII. Wazuki joined the community  after watching our first Final Fantasy marathon back in 2009. It should be noted, as I think he would want me to point out that Wazuki is a fellow WoW TSG guild member and was SERVER FIRST ARCHEOLOGY for MOP. <<Rofl, that’s actually an inside joke and I’m sure he’s going to kill me when he sees me at the marathon. P.S. If you want to join the guild, we play on the server Nesingwary, horde. Guild name “Schindler’s Pokedex”.

There’s still a lot of shifting in times when it comes to the schedule so I’m going to hold off on posting that until June. Here’s a full player list below.

FF1: Caden “Y3llowPepper”

FF2: JD “JDTwins”

FF3: Cameron “Cosmoid”

FF4: Josh “Blaumagier” “Lothis”

FF5: Phil “Msico”

FF6: Kari ‘Essentia”

FF7: Jacob “Wazuki”; encore run Dustin

FF8: “Poxnor”

FF9:  “JaggerG”

FF10: “Crystal Beauty”

FF10-2: Ashley “Mayday”

FF 12:  Zach “Giraffesaredope”

FF 13: Joseph “Baltes”

FF 13-2: Rob “Rob” Rob

FF Crisis Core: Megan “Ruju”

Crystal Chronicles : Jazaaboo, Toast & Squint

Final Fantasy Legends 1-3: “Poxnor”



Mega Comeback

I slept very well last night after 4 days of Mega Man. This event sure did have a flair for the dramatic.  You guys rallied from what seemed like an insurmountable deficit to hit our goal. We experienced some internet issues less than 24 hours into the event. At one point we were disconnecting every couple of minutes. By Saturday night things had resolved themselves and the internet was back in working condition. Thank you guys so much for sticking with us through those technical difficulties. Approximately $11,800 was raised for Rocking H Ranch. I had so much fun during this event and it was truly a team effort. I enjoyed meeting AlanEdgeHead and Metalman from the forums for the the first time. They were really cool guys to hang out with and huge assets to the team. I look forward to doing more marathons with them in the future. Also big props to our first time player Trombonus. He played during the wee hours of the morning and destroyed his games. We couldn’t have done it without you all.

Our head web guru Local did an incredible job creating his own substitute for chipin which we used during the marathon. He will be making it available for anyone else who would like to run their own gaming events. We will have updates on this on a later date.

Up next, our WEEK LONG FINAL FANTASY MARATHON!!! This is our biggest event of the year and it all begins MONDAY June 24 @6pm central and will end on Monday July 1st.

If you won a prize, emails will go out within the next week asking for shipping addresses.

Thanks again for another memorable marathon!


TSG’s Week Ahead (1/30)

We’ve got a couple of new tidbits of information about our Mega Man Marathon (March 8-11). Jazz is looking to play one of the DOS versions of Mega Man. Right now I’m working on getting DOS box setup so that we can make this happen. If you haven’t seen the game, it’s atrocious and it should be a  hilarious run for the marathon. Toast is also considering picking  up an X game or two to expand the catalog of games we are playing. We are only missing X5,X6 and X7 from the main series. With Toast playing one or two of these games we will be close to  clearing the entire franchise. Things are really coming together for this event with a little over a month to go. Any promotion that you guys can give the marathon would be much appreciated!

Jumping ahead to our next event, Final Fantasy, we will be starting on a Monday this time around, June 24- July1. I’m posting about this so early because this will be the first time we have started an event on any other day besides Friday. So mark your calendars now,  MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY June 24- July 1.

A couple of months ago I made a thread talking about wanting to game for 2 new charities and 2 previous charities in 2013. This March we are gaming for Rocking H Ranch and for Final Fantasy we will be gaming for ACT Today. This leaves us with the last 2 marathons and 2 new charities to game for. What causes and charities would you like to see us play for?

Other news:

-My monthly stream to give thanks to all of our contributors will be Sunday February 10th at around 3pm central.

-Our last two days of community stream month are tonight and tomorrow on