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OILD Day 1: Snowdin

And now we’ve skydived (skydove?) headlong into the first day of Obligatory Ice Level Day, like a rocket screeching into a vat of shampoo! Of course, we got to start off big. We got a long road to travel before we reach our Pokémon Retrothon! We’ll need to work hard to get there. We’ll need… DETERMINATION. That’s why the first Ice Level of the year is Snowdin, from Undertale!

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It’s the time when layers of white pixels obscure your vision! When almost all random encounters are weak to fire! When everyone gets a wintery palette swap! It’s Obligatory Ice Level Day!

“What is Obligatory Ice Level Day?” you might ask, adjusting your monocle and scratching your chin, “… and why is it in fact 12 days long if it’s called that?”

“Why, it’s the holiday that celebrates that often-used trope in games, the ice level!” I reply, causing your aforementioned monocle to fire out of your eye like a canon. And the name? Well… don’t worry about that.

Every day I’ll be posting a different ice level, complete with screenshots and write-ups. What’s more, I’ll be posting links to original songs and remixes! And finally, I’ll give you a new wallpaper featuring that level, so you can enjoy it on your desktop whenever you want. Sound good? Of course it does!

For those interested, let me just point out the old OILD ’09, OILD ’10, OILD ’11 and OILD ’12 soundtracks for you all! They have a ton of fun remixes of classic ice tunes, and they won’t cause earblood like that department store holiday music you’ve undoubtedly been subjected to since the day after Halloween!

This is just my way of thanking you all for watching, donating, promoting, and otherwise joining TSG on this crazy ride of gaming and charity every year. And hey, don’t forget about the Pokémon Retrothon, starting December 17th! We’ll be catching the original 251, all for the Rockin’ H Ranch!

TSG’s Mario Marathon 2015 Gaming Schedule!

Friday 7/17:
6PM – 7PM Mario 1 (Phil)
7PM – 8PM Mario 2 (Toast)
8PM – 2AM Super Mario RPG (Wazuki)

Saturday 7/18:
2AM – 6AM Mario Kart 8 (Group)
6AM – 9AM Mario vs DK Wii U (Rob)
9AM – 2 PM Mario Land 1, 2, Wario Ware
2PM – 10PM Mario 64 Relay (Group)
10PM – 2AM NSMB Wii U (Ana, Squint, Toast, Space

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TSG Mario Marathon 2015 Commentary Schedule!

Friday, July 17
6:00pm – 9:00pm | Britt & JD
9:00pm – 12:00am | Chase & Calvin

Saturday, July 18
12:00am – 3:00am | Jasef & Caden & JD
3:00am – 5:00am | Britt & Shadow Skype Rust
5:00am – 7:00am | Nitram & Rinslet
7:00am – 9:00am | Bek & Stonepaw
9:00am – 12:00pm | Jaz & Squint
12:00pm – 3:00pm | Phil & Bear
3:00pm – 6:00pm | Chase & Wazuki
6:00pm – 9:00pm | Rob & Nitram
9:00pm – 12:00am | Britt & Caden
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Community Night Tomorrow (9/22) at 6pm

Tomorrow night I’ll be hosting TSG Community Night starting at 6pm central on I’ll be streaming Pokmon TCG Online  and playing/trading with the community. Everybody is welcome to join in and  play with me and other members of the community. The game is free to play and an official Nintendo game. You can download it here . Cya soon!

Pokemon X&Y Giveaway

To try and promote more activity within our forums, we will be giving away 1 copy of either Pokemon X or Y. For every time you make a post or start a thread in the month of September you will get a ticket into the raffle. You can get a max of two tickets a day. This means you have a chance to get 60 tickets into the raffle since there are 30 days in September.

Each day post the amount of raffle tickets you acquired in this thread. So if tomorrow I made 2 posts in our forums, I would post in this thread, “today I should receive two raffle tickets.” I will be checking for authenticity so please do not cheat.

The winner will be announced Wednesday October 2.

Good luck everyone!!

Summer to Fall to Winter

The Final Fantasy Marathon is in the books! Everybody involved did a great job, a complete team effort. We ended raising $32, 753 for ACT Today. That ranks as our 4th most successful marathon. We have now surpassed $425,000 total raised for various charities/causes. All prize winners from the FF marathon should be notified soon.

We’ve started transitioning into planning for our upcoming Halloween (Oct 18-21) and Zelda (Dec 13-16) marathons.  Soon you should see changes to the front page banner and forums as well as their backgrounds. If you need you need access to the marathon planning forum, please either pm/tweet/email me. You will also see a batch of new community/forum events and contests soon.

We’ve got some big ideas for each of our next couple of marathons. I’ll be posting about them over the next several weeks on the blog. Thank you guys for supporting us over the 5+ years. We’ve got a lot planned for the future.