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TSG Podcast Episode 5

Big News! Listen to the podcast for the exciting new details about the Zelda Marathon!
Tyler and Sonic62 join us to discuss Earthbound news, Chinatown Wars, new Nintendo Wii Classic Controller and Nintendo’s recent release list. Fettouhi’s gives his hands on of Lost and the Damned and Fear 2, while Phil gives his impressions on Mass Effect 2, and Baltes talks Final Fantasy.

TSG Podcast Episode 4

We cover the Wii in this episode, including storage, recently released third-party games and upcoming releases. In a new segment this week we’ll tell you what games we have been playing and ones we’re looking forward to. Of course we also answer questions from the community again.


TSG Podcast Episode 3

Fettouhi generously gave Britt a new headset! In this episode we discuss the Resident Evil 5 Demo, as well as the Fear 2 Demo. Later we get into Nintendo’s 2009 Game Launch List, Gwellin’s Hands-on with the “Wii Super Famicon Classic Controller”, Killzone 2, and some awesome trailers. At the end is a surprise…think Blue’s Clues.

TSG Podcast Episode 1!

Hey guys, this has been a long time in the making…and it’s finally here! We talk about our views on the Pokemon Marathon, and what we expect from the Zelda Marathon…as well as some other topics.

We’d like to thank everyone who helped make this possible, including you! Sorry for the poor quality on my (Britt’s) mic, it gets really bad toward the end of the podcast. For the next podcast I will have that issue resolved. We will release a new podcast every other Monday, next being on Monday January 19th, 2009.

Our Podcasts will go in our TSG Originals sections, along with our reviews, and other TSG created content.