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TSG Podcast Episode 24

In podcast 24 we discuss each of the new Pokemon introduced in Black and White.
Podcasters: Britt, Bear, JaggerG, Msico(Phil), Sonic62.
Bulbapedia Isshu Pokedex

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*EDIT* Bulbagarden contacted us and asked to correct a statement made in the podcast. Bulbagarden was never sent a DMCA notice by Nintendo. Sorry about that.

TSG Podcast Episode 22

In this episode we take the podcast on the road to Olive Garden. We talk about DLC,Anime, Bioshock Infinite, pc’s, Apple TV and tons of random stuff..
Podcasters:Britt, Rob, Pierre, Kevin, Song

TSG Podcast Episode 21

TheSpeedGamers Podcast is FINALLY back, and its a good one at that. Me (Britt), Tyler, Phil and Rob discuss Steve Wiebe playing in our mario marathon, anticipated summer titles,  Nintendo 3ds and Metroid other M.


TSG Podcast Episode 20

With us this time we have myself, Blackduck, Sonic, Ferenc, Rust, Britt, and a newcomer Diana!

In this rather delayed installment we discuss the new addition to our blog team, Psychotaku! We also discuss Project Needlemouse, the new ops and why it was done, our latest played games, and we answer some podcast questions. Keep an ear out for the obvious edits *cough*Pepsi*cough*


TSG Podcast Episode 19

In Podcast 19 Britt and Tyler discuss what games you should buy over the holidays for each console and handheld, VGA’s, the Pokemon marathon, podcast questions and other random shenanigans. We mistakenly call the podcast, podcast 20.. it is in fact podcast 19. Intro and outro music is credited to Harvey Danger “Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas”.


TSG Podcast Episode 18…FINALLY

After our longest delay in between podcast yet, Podcast 18 has finally gone gold!  Because of technical limitations with my (Britt’s)  setup right now,  me and Tyler are the only podcasters this week. We talk about Modern Warfare 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, tons of deals coming up on black Friday and we read off some mail. Oh yeah….we also drop some hints on the entire 2010 marathon lineup.


TSG Podcast Episode 17

A little late, but the seventeenth podcast is here. This episode opens with Halo ODST, moving over to game prices, Britt gives his impression of Pokémon Soul Silver, then we go in to nightmares, favourite songs, past Halloween costumes and other subjects given to use through podcast questions.