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First Wii Play Motion Trailer

If you’re a Wii owner, this year has been fairly uneventful for you. Mario Sports Mix and Conduit 2 are really the only notable titles to release. Finally Nintendo will be releasing some more software for the aging console with Wii Play Motion.


Set to release this June in North America and Europe, Wii Play Motion is a collection of mini-games using Wii Motion+ technology. Mini-games include another shooting gallery, ice cream stacking, rock skipping, umbrella flying and more.  As with the last title, Wii Play Motion will also ship with a Wii Remote, although the new and improved Wii Remote + version.


You can check out the trailer after the jump.

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Modern Warfare 3 Teaser Trailer

Do you like green lines? Activision must think we do, becuase that’s all you’ll see in this Modern Warfare 3 teaser! Well, that’s a lie. There’s some other stuff in here. “Am3rica” and a shortened logo for Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: MW3.


Earlier today Kotaku reported on quite a bit of leaked info on the third entry in the Modern Warfare series. According to their sources, the title takes place right where Modern Warfare 2 left off and will tie all the loose ends of the Modern Warfare series. That’s not to say the series will end though. Modern Warfare 3 will introduce a new cast of characters that will show up in future entries of Modern Warfare. Two that were particularly noted were Delta Force operatives “Frost” and “Sandman.” Fifteen missions are planned, starting with the invasion of Manhattan by Russia. Kotaku has leaked more story details, but they contain some major spoilers.


Kotaku’s sources also talked Multiplayer, saying fifteen to twenty maps will be in the title. Spec-ops: Missions will return along with Spec-ops: Survival. Survival has players fighting off wave after wave of enemies until they are finally overtaken. Kotaku even has some leaked assets as well.


The title is supposedly set for November 8th 2011. But again, all the information above is not confirmed. Infinity Ward developer Robert Bowling says some of the information is accurate, but not all of it.


Can’t wait for Call of Duty: My Wife 3, which will partially be set in Amthreeica. Trailer after the jump.


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Rumor: Canned Sonic Skateboarding Game Footage?

Depending on who you are, you may feel that SEGA has set a low bar for Sonic games. Whether or not that may be true, at the very least you can find comfort in knowing that SEGA has at least some sort of bar.


Recently a user on Youtube started uploading footage from a title called Sonic Extreme, not to be confused with the similarly canceled Sonic Xtreme. The footage shows that the title is a Sonic skateboarding title, possibly the precursor for the Sonic Riders series. The title was claimed to be found in a development system for the original Xbox.


There’s no real credentials here, so it could very well be fake. Either way, it looks really bad. Sure the game is in an unfinished state, but this build doesn’t give the impression it would have been anywhere near a decent title.


You can check out all the footage below.


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Ocarina of Time 3D Direct-Feed Videos

It’s taken forever, but we finally have gotten some direct feed footage of Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 3DS. We’ve seen some clips before in some montages, bust most footage was off-screen. Here we have two direct feed videos, one showing off the new visuals in the opening to the game and the other shows off touch screen controls for the title. There is also a single off-screen videos, that shows off the motion controls for the title.


Ocarina of Time 3D is set to release this June in both North America and Europe, so only about a month and half wait until we can finally get our hands on the title. Not only does the title feature enhanced visuals, it also includes the alternative Master Quest dungeons, a boss rush mode, and a hint system to help out players who get stuck.


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First Phantasy Star Online 2 Footage

It seems like ages since SEGA’s Tokyo Game Show Phantasy Star Online 2 announcement, but finally we get a look at the game. Not only does japanese website 4 Gamer have quite a few screens, but there is also some off-screen gameplay footage. You can check out footage out after the jump.


It looks like Phantasy Star Online 2 is going to have more open environments, with quite a few spacious areas within the trailer. There also looks to be a third person aiming system for rangers, rather than that rather clunky first person mode from Phantasy Star Universe.  And who can forget, jumping. What’s online game without jumping.


Beta testing is starting this summer in Japan. No word on a Western beta test.


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Get Your Hands on Mega Man Legends 3 Early (Update)

Can’t wait to see how Mega Man Legends 3 is turning out? You won’t have to wait much longer! Capcom announced today that one of the first downloadable titles for 3DS will be Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype, a prototype version of the game for fans and developers in the dev room to check out.

Not only did Capcom give us our first look at the game in motion, but they also announced a new character, Barrett, which will be playable in the title. No information on when the full title will be actually coming out. Supposedly Nintendo’s 3DS downloadable service, the e-shop, will be hitting this May in Japan. So until the service goes live in Western regions, check out some screens and the trailer after the jump.


Update: More footage added from Nico Nico Live. (Via: GoNintendo)


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Pandora’s Tower Trailer 2

Here’s the second trailer for Pandora’s Tower, Nintendo’s Devil May Cry / God of War style hack and slash.  Since the last trailer we’ve learned quite a bit about the game. While we only saw a slice of action with the chain weapon in the first trailer, this trailer shows that it is an integral part of the game used for grappling, swinging and combat, and is not just some side weapon.  It actually plays a part in the plot as well, ripping flesh off beasts to feed Ceres, a girl cursed to become a monster if she doesn’t eat the raw meat.


The title is launching next month in Japan, but there have been no signs of a Western release just yet.  We’ll have to cross our fingers for E3.

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Operation Raccoon City Captivate Trailer and Screenshots

Capcom’s first real trailer for Operation Raccoon City. Here we get a good look at the title and all of its third person shooter goodness. The trailer has a mixture of CG and actual in-game footage. You also get a look at the different squads you can play as in Operation Raccoon City.


Operation Raccoon City is a squad shooter, developed by some of the minds behind SOCOM. Players will not only have to take out the other squad, but hunt down series veterans like Leon S. Kennedy , and fend off the zombie onslaught. The title features a campaign that you can tackle solo, or with up to three friends.


The title is set for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, with a scheduled Winter 2011 release. You can check out the latest trailer and screenshots after the jump!


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Check Out SSX in Motion and New Screens

SSX has dropped the Deadly Descent sub name, as well as the dark vibe from the original debut trailer. In the footage after the jump, it’s mostly development video showing the snowboarder and physics in action. But if you’re not into checkered board mountain ranges,  there is also a few bits of actual gameplay in there as well plus some screens after the jump featuring series veteran Elise.


The title is set to come out January 2012, so we’ve still got a bit of a wait.


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Making of Gears of War 3: Dedicated Execution Video

Wonder how your participation in the Gears of War 3 beta will effect the title? Epic Games goes over exactly what information they collect, including weapon damage, where players are dying most, how they’re dying and more.


You also get to hear some talks about exactly what kind of feel they were shooting for with Gears of War 3, and how it’s improved over the past two titles. And don’t forget about the talks about polish. Lots and lots of polish, which is no surprise since the title was scheduled to be done by this month but was delayed for marketing reasons.


The beta starts April 25th for those who pre-order Gears of War 3 at GameStop in North America. Europeans can get access via pre-order at GAME or Gamestation. Those who purchased Bullet Storm will have access starting April 18th.


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