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Blog looking for new writer!

For the moment we are looking for someone to fill the position of gaming news writer.

This will be a voluntary position, and seeing as we are a charity it would be unpaid. You will also have the opportunity to move up and write original content for the blog.

If you are interested, be sure to check out the requirements after the jump.
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TSG HQ Q&A Wrapup

Alittle over an hour ago is when the Q&A wrapped up, and I must say it was very informative.

Rakuen made a very detailed list of some of the finer details mention about the HQ. I’ll drop a few of the more interesting details here.

  • Membership pricing? 6 month = $12. 1 year = $20.
  • Coming in and playing? ~$10 for a day pass. Will also offer hourly, $5 an hour?
  • Each night of the week want to highlight different games. Nightly streaming with Shoutcasting (aka commentary).
  • Marathon attendance will use a ticket system, since space might be an issue

The guys also recorded the Q&A Session on ustream, watch it after the break.

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