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Who are TheSpeedGamers?

TheSpeedGamers are a group who stream live video game marathons with a commentator while raising funds to benefit various charities. The team consists primarily out of the Fort Worth area of Texas, US, though there are members from around the world, including but not limited to Australia, Canada and Denmark.

Do you use glitches or hacks?

Our speed runs are done without glitching or hacking. No cheats are used either. You will not see any ten minute Zelda runs or anything like that because we make sure every major event is completed, though long dialogue or cutscenes may be avoided at times.

Can I play a game for you?

We know you would like to play, however we need to be able to trust our players. Most players are Moderators from the forum, people who have been known for a long time to be trustworthy and dependable. Also, the schedule is planned out for marathons well ahead of time, in all likelihood we already have someone ready to play the game you were thinking of.


What in the sam hill is ChipIn?

ChipIn is just a service that makes collecting donations a whole lot easier. It allows the creator to place a widget on their webpage that serves the dual purpose of directing contributors to where they can donate, and tracking the donation progress for everyone to see.

For more in-depth details about the ChipIn service, check out their FAQ.

Do I need Paypal in order to donate?

No, although it does streamline the process somewhat. But it is not a requirement, ChipIn will allow you to donate using your credit card without having a Paypal account.

I do not have a credit card at all, can I still donate?

Some debit cards allow you to donate using the same way you would a credit card, but not all.

A popular alternative is to pick up a credit card gift card. Many big credit card companies like Visa and Master Card offer pre-loaded gift cards in a variety of denominations that work almost identically to a credit card, and these work perfectly for donating. These cards are carried in a wide variety of places, such as drug stores, gas stations, and even your local convenience store.

Note that in many instances, you will have to register these cards in order to use them online. This process varies depending on the card you have, but it can usually done online by following a web address on the back of the card.

How do I donate with a VISA gift card?

– To use your pre-paid VISA gift card, click on Chipin to get to the marathon’s PayPal.
– At the top of the screen you should see the donation amount box.
– Type in the amount you wish to donate and click Update Total.
– Go down and sign in to your personal PayPal account.
– This should take you to where you are asked to enter your VISA gift card number. (This is the 16-digit number, in bold, on the front of your card.)
– It will ask you to enter the expiration date of the card.
– Next, it will ask you to enter your CSC, which is the 3-digit number on the back of your card. Click Add Card and Continue.
– It should now ask you to verify your donation and make any notes to TSG that you want read and a comment with your donation.

Can’t I just use my parents card?

You can, but PLEASE check with them first. We know it’s for a good cause, but we cannot condone you stealing your parents credit card to donate.

I live outside of the USA, can I still donate?

Yes, international donations are welcome, ChipIn and Paypal will handle all the exchange rates.

Is there a minimum amount that I must donate?

Technically, no, ChipIn will accept all donations. However, we ask that you please try and keep your donations to a bare minimum of 1 dollar.

I have an alternate name (such as a chat name, or a name that is different than that of the card holder) that I’d like my donation to be under, can I arrange this?

You sure can. When you donate, there is an option to “add special instructions to the merchant”, just fill this out with a mention of your user name. If you are a member of our forums, this will help us know who to grant the medal to, if applicable.

Why does Paypal say I’m donating to some place other than the charity?

Sometimes charities that we game for are unable to accommodate citizens donating in USD. We have generally tried to avoid these charities strictly because of Paypal’s tax on donations. When we do game for these charities, however, we must collect the money in a external account and donate it all to the charity in a lump sum later. This is for the convenience of the donors, which are mostly children to young adults. We would rather have you know the amount you are donating rather than have to convert to the charities currency and account for whatever difference there would be.

The Chat

Chat Rules

Following are the rules each viewer is expected to follow in the live chat room. Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning, kick and/or ban, depending on the severity.

  • No Offensive Language – Offensive language of any type will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to, swears, directed insults and discriminatory comments (race, gender, culture, religion, sexuality, etc.). Suggestive statements are not appreciated either, nor are attempts to bypass the bad word censor.
  • Be Respectful – Do not insult or bother anyone. We do not appreciate it went anyone is picked on, no matter who they are.
  • No Link Spam – Questionable links or material are a sure way to get banned quickly. Posting your stream, site, YouTube, etc. links just to get clicks is not allowed. This also applies to chat channels; only official chats operated by TheSpeedGamers are allowed.
  • Do Not Spam Comments – Posting the same thing over and over again will not get you noticed, and you are more likely to be kicked than get a reply from anyone.
  • Do Not Stress Words – Please avoid stretching words or posting in all capitals. For example, you may get kicked if you repeatedly post something similar to the following: “Snaaaaaakkkkkkkke!!!” or “I LOVE METAL GEAR!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD PLAY ALL THE GAMES!!!!!!!!”
  • Be Careful of Your Privacy – This is a public chat, which is being viewed by many people you do not know. It is recommended that you never post your real name, age or contact information in the chat, or respond to any direct requests to do so. Also be careful about information such as school or work location, and anything you feel even the slightest concern over.

Why won’t the chat load for me?

Network functionality can be very complicated, and there are some people who cannot access IRCs (or their Flash counterparts) for reasons we do not understand. If you are using a software firewall you could check the site or help files to see if a certain procedure is needed to unblock the ports needed for IRC communication. Some open WiFi signals intentionally block ports to reduce the load on their network; this may include some schools/universities, libraries, restaurants and other businesses.

If you continue to have a problem you could contact your Internet Service Provider, or a tech savvy friend, for assistance. Email tech@thespeedgamers.com if you have any specific questions, however without direct access to your computer we may not be able to help you effectively.

Why can’t I get back into the chat (it says I’ve been kicked)?

If you were kicked then you may have broken one of our chat rules, intentionally or not. There are some kicks caused automatically when someone posts too frequently or keeps repeating the same thing. Our Operators may also kick under their own discretion, though they usually send a warning first. There is the chance of being kicked in error as well, and we apologize if that has happened to you. As long as you are not kicked again there are no ill effects.

To get back in to the chat after a kick simply reload the page. You will be returned to the chat, but please be careful to not break any rules in the future.

Why can’t I get back into the chat (it says I’m banned)?

If you were banned it was likely for a particular reason, such as breaking one of the rules. We have an automated script to handle people spamming the chat, however these will kick you several times before a ban is implemented. These kicks are your warnings and if you ignore them you will get banned.

There are also Operators in the chat who will manually enact bans, and it is possible for them to accidentally ban the wrong person. If you believe this is the case please contact tech@thespeedgamers.com, including the name you were using in the chat, and we will look in the logs to see if the ban was deserved.

How do I change my name in the chat?

Type /nick then followed by the name you intend to use, for example: /nick MyNewNickname

Note that TheSpeedGamers chat requires a registered Ustream.tv account in order to speak in the chat. If you’re already registered, just use /nick username:password to change to that name. If you’re already logged in to ustream before you join, you may already be using that name.

Can I be an OP (Operator/Moderator) in the chat?

Short answer: No. Long answer: We will never grant Operator status to someone who randomly asks for it. To become an Operator you will need to be a dedicated member of the community who has proven themself to be responsible and helpful in the chats. We also already have a lot of Operators and cannot promote users too often.

The Stream

Why can’t I see the video, or why does it seem the video is lagging for me?

Click the TSG button above the video to reload it. You should do so every once in a while to ensure you are up to date. If something still doesn’t seem to work try reloading the page.

There are times when the stream may go down for reasons outside of our control. The host could have problems, or it could be our internet connection. Also the commentator feed must go down briefly when switching to someone outside of the house.

Where do I send comments to be read on stream?

You may send email comments or questions to comments@thespeedgamers.com and we will try to read it on air. Due to the amount of messages we get, and other activities shown during a marathon it is possible that we may not get to your message for a while.

How can I win a prize?

Prizes are awarded under various conditions. These may include a raffle draw based on donation values, a prize for donations of a certain amount, random Fan Art selection or trivia questions. Prizes and their requirements to win will be announced by the commentator during the stream, so keep watching, though we will also contact the winner by email if possible.

I live outside of the USA, can I still win a prize?

Yes, you can. We will to ship wherever you are in the world, though it might take us longer for your package to be shipped.

The Community

How do I submit Fan Art?

We are always happy to receive Fan Art, and you can send your images to fanart@thespeedgamers.com. Please keep them in context to the current marathon or TheSpeedGamers, and include your forum or chat name in the body of the message so that you can be awarded a medal, or identified should you win a prize for your contribution.

How do I sign up on the forum?

Go to http://forums.thespeedgamers.com/ and click on “Register”, which is located under the banner. There you will be asked to input some information, as well as the screen name you wish to be known as on the forums. Afterward, please read the posting rules located on each topic you browse. Have fun!

How do I earn a forum medal?

All medals require some action and proof before they will be awarded. All of the current Medals can be seen by clicking on the button “Medals” at the top of the forums, and requirements are identified in the Forum Medals topic. For example, a Donator Medal can be yours if you donate during a marathon that is playing for a charity, and a Promoter Medal requires active promotion of an upcoming marathon.

Can I be an Moderator or Adminstrator on the forum?

If you joined the forum expecting that then it is better not to get your hopes up. Very few members will ever become a Moderator, and no new Moderator will ever be selected from new members or those who have been very inactive.

Marathon specific

How are you going to catch [Pokémon]?

Event Pokémon are gathered ahead of time. Pokémon from certain games are acquired from those games, live. The final DS card will have a complete Pokédex and all of the final evolutions.

Zelda: What about the CDi games?

Phil has a CDi with Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon which were played the week after the March ’09 Zelda Marathon.

When is Chugga playing or commentating?

Chugga A. Conroy will be playing or commentating when he is scheduled to, or maybe when he decides to show up. We cannot tell you exactly when.

Are you Chugga?

NO! Please stop asking! Chugga does not enter the chats, and anyone who claims to be him is an impostor looking for attention. The operators do not have any way to contact him, and they will not they pass on any messages.

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