OILD Day 4 – Cold Man Stage

Day 4 of Obligatory Ice Level Day. That’s right, Day 4. 4. The DEATH NUMBER.  Life can get frustrating and terrible, but occasionally there’s a way out of a bad situation. A bad situation like, say, diving head-first into spikes or falling down a bottomless pit every 30 seconds. That’s why today’s ice level is Cold Man’s stage, from Rockman & Forte.

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OILD Day 3 – Big Arctic Cavern

It’s Day 3 of Obligatory Ice Level Day! As I mentioned, this year’s theme is “colors”. Everyone knows that the traditional holiday colors for the season are red and green, and those very colors show up in Obligatory Ice Level Day! But did you know that green and red represent amphibians and the blood of their enemies? It’s true! That’s why today’s ice level is the Big Arctic Cavern, from the arcade Battletoads!

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OILD Day 1 – Erana’s Peace

Day 1 of Obligatory Ice Level Day, and already we’re in a field of colors. You know, even though this holiday is made up, I think it’s safe to say that the holiday season itself promotes one important thing. That thing is peace. That’s why the first ice level of the year is Erana’s Peace, from Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero!

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October Marathon Complete, Pokemon up next! (December 16-19)

Many screams, scares and goofs were had during our “Trick or Treat” marathon for St. Jude. We raised a bit over $4,500 and had a blast doing it. A big thank you to everyone who participated. Whether you were at the marathon or in the chat, it’s always a complete team effort.

Now we are ramping up for our Pokemon Sun and Moon Marathon which begins on December 16th. We aim to catch the entire generation of new Pokemon while lying out challenges for ourselves along the way. During the marathon viewers will be able to unlock additional games and even extend the marathon past the 19th. We will announce the charity, achievements and other details in November.

Keep checking back to our blog for more details!

Trick or Treat Retrospective by Jasef:

Retrospective Teaser by Jasef:

TSG’s Trick or Treat Marathon October 14-17 2016 (Updated)

We will be hosting our “Trick or Treat” marathon October 14-17 2016 on twitch.tv/thespeedgamers . The event will be raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The theme for this marathon is “Trick or Treat”. The event will kick off with the player walking up to a bag full of games. “Trick” or “treat” will then randomly be selected. If “treat” is selected the player will get to choose the game they would like to play from the bag. If “trick” is selected the viewers will vote for the game they would like to see played. Upon completion of the game, the cycle will start over.

See you in the chat on October 14 @ 6pm CST!

Edit: (Update) We will be raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Our original plan was for this event to benefit Heifer International. The donation widget that we are using is not working properly with their paypal settings. Once we get that issue sorted out with Heifer we will do a future event for Heifer International.

Camp Fangamer July 28-31 benefiting “Speak Your Silence”

TheSpeedGamers will be at Camp Fangamer July 28-31  helping host the  EB Bash Mk III stream.  There will be a playthrough of Mother 3 and tons of entertainment like live music by The Super Souls Bros.  Each day we will be hosting cut-throat auctions leading up to our main auction on Sunday evening.  Here’s a peek at one of our auction items by Eyes5

You can view the stream at twitch.tv/fangamer . We will be raising money for speakyoursilence.org .

For more details, check out www.campfangamer.com

TSG Zelda Marathon Raised over $40,000 for St. Jude!!!

What a great event! We enjoyed spending the week gaming with all of you and raising over $40,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. During the marathon we announced 3 upcoming events; “Trick or Treat Marathon” Oct 14-17 2016, “Pokemon Sun and Moon” Dec 16-19 2016, and “Zelda Breath of The Wild” Spring 2017. We appreciate everyone who donated, modded, watched and took part in the event. The viewers kept us energized and engaged. We loved chatting with you and sharing our efforts in raising money for a great cause. It’s a complete team effort and we needed everyone to make this event as successful as it was. We look forward to seeing you all in October!! Listed below are the prize winners from the Zelda marathon. We will be emailing you in the next week to get shipping information if you won a prize. Also, please be sure to check out our forums to hang out with the rest of the community Community.tsg.tv

Prize Pack #1 Turpinator, Prize Pack #2 Pie_loco, Prize Pack #3 BobbyBoberson Prize Pack #4 Inunaru, Prize Pack #5 Andrea Collins, Prize Pack #6 Miraidebeia, Prize Pack #7 EvilAllstar, Grand Prize NMUFred

Auction 1: Bdiddy Auction 2: MySweetTime Auction 3: Drunken_rager