TWO days Left!

Guys we are almost there! Everyone is working on trimming our times down a little bit. The prizes are still uncertain, but we will have it all worked out by Friday. This is our last leg of promotion till the event, so it’s time to go all out. Post in forums, submit stories to websites, anything and everything. Once again, we are gaming for Autism this time around, and 100% of donations will go to Giggles-Therapy. Their website is

I also wanted to thank the Zelda informer forums real quick for helping promote us on their website.

Keep up the good work guys.


A Big Thanks to TheWiicast

Hi guys,

Sorry for not updating lately, we have all been pretty busy. TheSpeedGamer’s promo is in this weeks episode of the Wiicast! Like I’ve said before in other posts, Will D’angelo puts on an awesome show and we owe him very much for all the help he has given us. A big percentage of our forum members and viewers are from Will’s mentioning of us on his show and blog.

Check out his website and be sure to check out his show at He gives you everything from news and rumors and all sorts of information concerning the Wii in his weekly episodes. It’s my number one stop for the Wii lowdown.

Our event is only about a week and half away! Guys keep up the good work!


The Friday Update

We’ve been trying to find an Autism organization to whom we would donate.This time around we wanted to donate to a local organization. We decided to donate to Giggles-Therapy located in the DFW Texas area. For more information on them you can visit their website

and now, without any further delay, we FINALLY bring you our promo!

Thanks Killer340 for uploading our video to youtube!

Thank you TheWiiCast

We have recently been put on the front page of Thanks Ferenc for getting us on the front page , and also a big thanks to Will D’angelo. Will is the creator of TheWiicast and has a weekly broadcast that gives you the scoop on all things Wii. Anything from reviews,news, and rumors, if it deals with the Wii he has it. I started watching shortly after the release of the Wii (I believe a week after) and have been hooked ever since. Will helped us out immensely last time in the promotion of our first event. I highly recommend you check out is website

TheSpeedGamer’s Gaming for Autism Promo

For A High Resolution version of the trailer CLICK HERE

I posted a High resolution video of the trailer and also a youtube version since youtube is the most popular of all video hosting websites. Credit goes to Cameron for the trailer. He did a really good job, check it out!


Ferenc has also made a Promo for us! Great job guys, thanks for all your help. You are all doing an awesome job of spreading the word.

For A High Resolution Version of Ferenc’s Promo click here!

Both of Marth18’s promos will be added win he’s finished his second, in case anyone was curious.

Also, we should the Autism organization that we will be donating to by next week. For anyone interested in the receipt for St. Judes, were hoping to of gotten one by the end of this week. I called them last week and they said it has already been sent. If you would like immediate gratification, call 1-800-4STJUDE and you can ask how much Richard Lariviere (Richard is my first name) raised from Arlington, Texas.