TheSpeedGamer's Gaming for Autism Promo

For A High Resolution version of the trailer CLICK HERE

I posted a High resolution video of the trailer and also a youtube version since youtube is the most popular of all video hosting websites. Credit goes to Cameron for the trailer. He did a really good job, check it out!


Ferenc has also made a Promo for us! Great job guys, thanks for all your help. You are all doing an awesome job of spreading the word.

For A High Resolution Version of Ferenc’s Promo click here!

Both of Marth18’s promos will be added win he’s finished his second, in case anyone was curious.

Also, we should the Autism organization that we will be donating to by next week. For anyone interested in the receipt for St. Judes, were hoping to of gotten one by the end of this week. I called them last week and they said it has already been sent. If you would like immediate gratification, call 1-800-4STJUDE and you can ask how much Richard Lariviere (Richard is my first name) raised from Arlington, Texas.

Link Wins! 7 Zelda Titles in 72 hours Returns June 6th!

Update: Our next marathon has been pushed back a week to Friday June 13th.

Link beat Samus 3-1 in a best of 5 Brawl. This means we will attempt 7 Zelda titles in 72 hours again starting Friday June 13th at 8pm cst through the 9th. The charity we will be gaming for is uncertain, although we do know it will be for autism;email us at with suggestions. WE WILL NOT FAIL! The Metroid marathon will be played most likely in August.

Heres the list of Zelda games in case you missed our first marathon:

The Legend of Zelda (NES)
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES)
Zelda A Link to the Past (SNES)
Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64)
Zelda Majoras Mask (N64)
Zelda Windwaker (Gamecube)
Zelda Twilight Princes (Wii)

We received our St. Jude prizes.
STjudeprizes.jpg Image Placeholder

Heres a High resolution picture of the prizes. HERE

We have told St. Jude that we will be doing another marathon for them in August (our Metroid marathon).

Thanks everybody for watching tonight! I will update the site again tomorrow with a new theme, pictures, and more!

To the two Canadian fellows who couldn’t receive your virtual console prizes. I will email you shortly in regard to your prizes.

Pre Event

We are going to hold a Pre event to determine and then announce our next marathon. A level 9 Samus and Link are going to fight it out on Super Smash Bro’s Brawl in a best of 5 match, 2 stock, no items, on Final Destination. The winner’s series is which marathon will be taking place on June 6th-9th. The loser’s series will be played later on in the summer. We will be gaming for Autism in our next marathon regardless.

Also, we will be reading emails during the match and taking 5 challengers after the conlcusion of Samus v.s Link

Come to our website on Thursday Arpil 3rd at 9 PM cst to watch the epic battle. You can also catch a glimpse of what our new capture card looks like in action!


The Polls are now closed!

Metroid has dominated the polls, so we are declaring it the winner.
HOWEVER, Metroid still has one more hurdle to clear. We would like to attempt the 7 Zelda titles in 72 hours again. No matter what, at some point we will be playing metroid, but it could come after the second attempt at Zelda. I’ll let you guys know how we’re going to decide around noon cst Friday.

Our next date is set though, June 13th-16th starting at 8pm cst. Which game series? only time will tell.

Discuss what you would like to see in our forums

St. Jude Update

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital sent us a prepaid envelope today to put our checks in, and also to select our prizes. Heres what it looks like.

stjudeorderform.jpg Image Placeholder

(Click image to enlarge)

at first we chose to check “check here to donate all prize costs back to St.Jude.” but then unchecked it and added a backpack…..We did this because we thought mailing out 30 T-shirts would be too hard and cost us too much money. Also, this way St. Jude would gain more in donations, sorry guys. Although, they did send us a T-shirt with the envelope. Here’s Luke below modeling it.

Luke.jpg Image Placeholder

(Click image to enlarge)

As soon as we receive our receipt and plaque, I will post pictures here.

Currently Metroid is dominating in the newest poll to see which series you guys would like to see us do a marathon of.

Just to remind everyone, we raised $1090.00 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! Thanks for everyones help. Without you guys we couldn’t of done it.


News update!

The 30 game list of possible marathon series has been narrowed down to the final 10. The list of 10 will be left up for about a week. Go to our forums to vote for the marathon series of your choice. After it closes we will have a poll to see whether everyone wants to see us attempt Zelda again first, or play the winning series and hold off on Zelda till later in the summer. Just a reminder that our next marathon is June 13th-16th.

There are only 2 people I still need to give virtual console prizes to. If you haven’t gotten your’s yet please email me at For those of you expecting prizes in the mail, they should be there within 2 weeks, email me as soon as you receive them.

I took down the donation link; our grand total comes out to $1090.00.
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is sending me a prepaid envelope to put the check in. Soon after I should receive a receipt that I will post on here for you guys to see. Also, they’re sending us one t-shirt for every $35 we raised(that gives a total of 30 t-shirts), and we will also be receiving a plaque.

Happy Easter everyone!

Thanks guys,


Upcoming marathon news

The dates for our next marathon are June 13th-16th, mark your calendar!

Regarding the game, at some point we want to attempt the 7 console Zeldas in 72 hours again, exactly when is up to you. As soon as the next gaming series is voted upon in our forums, we will hold another poll asking everybody if they would rather us make our second attempt at Zelda first, and play the game everyone voted on towards the end of summer .

Next, right now I’m working on a summary video of our last marathon, just for laughs. Look for that to be posted in the coming days.

Also, please email me as soon as you receive your prize through virtual console or through the mail.

Attention all Contest Winners

To all Virtual console contest winners,
Here is my Wii code and console nickname

Wii code: 8019 7627 9886 1901
Nickname: Britt

Both must be added to receive your Virtual console prize.

A lot of you sent me your wii code, but not your console nickname. Please email me as soon as possible with the console nickname.

To everybody who won prizes that need to be mailed. Please contact me when you receive your prize so I know that they arrived safely.

Thanks guys!

Contacted St. Jude

I just got off the phone with St.Jude, they were really helpful in giving us info about how we should send the money. They said they were aware of our marathon and would be sending us a plaque and a T-shirt for every $35 we raised(thats over 30 t-shirts! Unless I’m misunderstanding). I’m gonna try to find a way to get these shirts to you guys.

We sent them our info weeks ago, we had no idea they had kept up with us. I checked my voice mail since I had missed a call (I work in the basement of my college therefore I get no reception). I saw it was a 1(800) number and figured it was them. Sure enough it was.

I will post pictures of the plaque and also post the receipt ASAP.

Please go to our forums and vote for the gaming series you would like to see us next play.


Loads of New info

Im going to be updating this post every 5 minutes probably for the next hour. I’m doing this so I don’t have to keep people waiting.

First of all, TheSpeedGamers would like to thank everybody involved in our gaming marathon.
Heres a list of everyone directly involved and who have donated. We want to make note that we couldn’t list everyone who viewed our marathon because that list would take up several pages (we are very proud of this).

Tyler Worthington
Daniel Lewis
Britt LaRiviere

Luke Adair
Chase LaRiviere
Rob Ostrout(Green Shirt guy)
Oscar Jimenez
Brandon Dillon(shaved head guy)
Erik Hackett(mohawk guy)
Mik Smith

Key Contributors:
Will D’angelo from
Dj Floosy from

Donators (Currentlty updating list) total Donations $1090.00:
(in order of most recent donations)
Leigh Aurbach
Roland Belford
Kim Schillinger
Patrick Weaver
Debra Halleron
Roger Habchi
Roger Habchi
Philip Elder
Roger Habchi
Roland Belford
Roland Belford
Luke Burgess
Charles Lodge
Charles Lodge
Ryan Barrow
Ryan Barrow
Ryan Barrow
Roger Habchi
Benjamin Wrobel
Patrick Weaver
Scott Crane
Phillip Elder
Christopher Houglan
Charles Lodge
Betty Wright
Adam Sleem
Luke Burgess
De’ann Chandler
Bruce B Cramer
Stuart Jakins
Mike Lord
Debra Halleron
Charles Lodge
Geoffrey Blagdan (Marth18)
Lisa Adair
Joe Morales
Nita Rogers
Tyler Linne
Micheal Duffey
Christin Hartung
Jordan Cave
Igballe Begolli
Charles Lodge
Ryan Le
Benjamin Wrobel
Kevin Liptak
Jamie Day-Norris
The Hoover Family
Joseph Petti
Charles Lodge
Geoffrey Blagdan
Phillip Elder
Katherine Little
Janet Allen

We are going to keep the Donations link up until Friday. We will post the St. Jude Children’s Hospital donation receipt by Monday March 24th.

Next, heres a link to our new forums
The forums are so we can keep in touch with everyone and so our community can interact.

Next I would like to address future SpeedGamer events. The next event we will be doing is for Autism, tentatively scheduled for June. We are going to let the viewers vote on what series you would like us to play(this marathon will also be 72 hours most likely). Following that marathon we will attempt the 7 Zelda games in 72 hours again to conclude summer in August. Go to our forums to vote, there is 30 series to choose from. After a week we will narrow the list to 10 and then have one more voting session to choose the winning series.

Series List:
Banjo Kazooie
Call of Duty
Donkey Kong
Fire Emblem
Final Fanasy
God of War
Golden Sun
Half Life
Kingdom Hearts
Mario RPG’s
Mega Man
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Slug
Resident Evil
Splinter Cell
Star Fox
Tales of ” ”
Zelda (Gameboy Series)

Feel free to email us with any questions, comments, or concerns.