We have several great prize packs scheduled for this year’s Final Fantasy Marathon for St. Jude! In total, we have seven prize packs to raffle off, two auctions, and additional prizes for promotion (for those of you that are unable to donate this time)!

The Early Bird Prize Pack and Prize Packs 1-6 will be given away through raffles. Donate a minimum of $5 during the marathon, and you will be entered into the raffle for a chance to win one of the prize packs. Prize Pack 6 will only be given away if the 24-hour extension is reached (a total of $30,000 in donations before 6pm CT on Wednesday, July 19).

The Mid-Week Auction and Grand Prize Auction are both cut-throat auctions. Viewers will donate for bids that stack, and all money goes to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (even if you don’t win the auction). Viewers can either donate for themselves or to help out someone else that’s in the running, making auctions a team effort!

Additional prizes will be given out for promotion (with no donation required) as the marathon progresses.

The prize schedule is as follows:

  • Early Bird Prize Pack – Saturday, July 15 at Midnight CT
  • Prize Pack 1 – Saturday, July 15 at 6pm CT
  • Prize Pack 2 – Sunday, July 16 at 6pm CT
  • Mid-Week Auction – Sunday, July 16 at 7pm CT
  • Prize Pack 3 – Monday, July 17 at 6pm CT
  • Prize Pack 4 – Tuesday, July 18 at 6pm CT
  • Prize Pack 5 – Wednesday, July 19 at Noon CT
  • Prize Pack 6 – Thursday, July 20 at 6pm CT (if 24-hour extension is reached)
  • Grand Prize Auction – Wednesday, July 20 at 5pm or 6pm CT

Early Bird Prize Pack

  • Vinyl Wall Clock (Sepiroth vs. Cloud)
  • Final Fantasy Keyholder
  • Chocobo Charm
  • Final Fantasy IV Perlers (set of 6)
  • Unopened Payne Figurine
  • Wooden Lamp (Final Fantasy creatures)

Prize Pack 1

  • Moogle Suncatcher
  • Chocobo Charm
  • Phoenix Down
  • Knitted Vivi Doll
  • Chocobo Pillow Blanket
  • Cloud Poster
  • Red XIII Hat

Prize Pack 2

  • Moomba Suncatcher
  • Final Fantasy Keyholder
  • Phoenix Down
  • FFXV Perler Set
  • Chocobo White Mage Plush
  • Pink Final Fantasy Pillow
  • Shirt!

Mid-Week Auction

  • The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy (Book)
  • Final Fantasy Card Art (set of 8)
  • Vinyl Wall Clock (Final Fantasy IX)
  • Wooden Lamp (Final Fantasy Logos)
  • Final Fantasy X-2 Play Arts Figures (set of 3)
  • Tonberry Hat
  • Signed TSG Final Fantasy Banner

Prize Pack 3

  • Chocobo Suncatcher
  • Final Fantasy Keyholder
  • Chocobo Charm
  • Final Fantasy XV Perlers (set of 4)
  • Chocobo Black Mage Plush
  • Final Fantasy Poster

Prize Pack 4

  • Cactaur Suncatcher
  • Vinyl Wall Clock (Final Fantasy VII)
  • Chocobo Charm
  • Final Fantasy VI and IX Perlers (set of 6)
  • Moogle Pillow Blanket
  • Black Final Fantasy Pillow

Prize Pack 5

  • Tonberry Suncatcher
  • Final Fantasy Keyholder
  • Phoenix Down
  • Final Fantasy XI Wall Scroll
  • Cactaur Plush
  • Tonberry Plush
  • Cait Sith Hat
  • Noctis Wall Scroll

Prize Pack 6

  • Dark Mage Suncatcher
  • Chocobo Charm
  • Phoenix Down
  • Theathrhythm Final Fantasy Moogle Figurine
  • Final Fantasy XIV Moogle Plush
  • Final Fantasy XIII Figure
  • Moogle Hat

Grand Prize Auction

  • Final Fantasy XV Cover Signed by Game Developers
  • Vinyl Wall Clock (Final Fantasy)
  • Final Fantasy Coasters (set of 15)
  • Phoenix Down
  • Final Fantasy XV Perlers (set of 9)
  • Kefka Poster
  • Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Poster
  • Chocobo Hat

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