We have several great prize packs scheduled for this year’s The Legend of Zelda Marathon for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital! In total, we have five prize packs to raffle off and one auction!

All five prize packs will be given away through raffles. Donate a minimum of $5 during the marathon, and you will be entered into the raffle for a chance to win one of the prize packs.

The Grand Prize Auction is a cut-throat auction. Viewers will donate for bids that stack, and all money goes to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (even if you don’t win the auction). Viewers can either donate for themselves or to help out someone else that’s in the running, making auctions a team effort!

Additionally, Sades is providing a Nintendo Switch, pro controller, and copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that will be given away in a free raffle! To enter, head over to once the marathon has begun!

The prize schedule is as follows:

  • Early Bird Prize Pack – Saturday, March 10 at Midnight CT
  • Saturday Prize Pack – Saturday, March 10 at 6pm CT
  • Grand Prize Auction – Saturday, March 10 at 7pm CT
  • Sunday Prize Pack – Sunday, March 11 at 6pm CT
  • Monday Prize Pack – Monday, March 12 at 6pm CT
  • Tuesday Prize Pack – Tuesday, March 13 at 5pm CT

Early Bird Prize Pack (Saturday, March 10 at Midnight CT)

  • Sades Shaker Headset
  • Majora’s Mask Perler Keychain Set
  • Happy Mask Salesman Art Piece
  • Leather Majora’s Mask Money Clip
  • Fangamer Trinity Pendant
  • Enamel Pin Set
  • Zelda Pendant Set

Saturday Prize Pack (Saturday, March 10 at 6pm CT)

  • Triforce Ring
  • Zelda Notebook
  • Triangle Necklace
  • Handmade Navi Plush with Voice Box
  • Enamel Pin Set
  • Zelda Billfold
  • “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone” Bracelet

Grand Prize Auction (Saturday, March 10 at 7pm CT)

  • TSG Hat
  • TSG Shirt
  • TSG Pendant
  • Ocarina Painting
  • Full-Size Master Sword
  • Sades Shaker Headset
  • Oversized Link Perler
  • Fangamer Cards of Legend
  • Heart Container Artwork

Sunday Prize Pack (Sunday, March 11 at 6pm CT)

  • Sades Shaker Headset
  • Divine Beasts Perler Set
  • Legends of Localization Book 1: The Legend of Zelda (+ Passport)
  • Black Triforce Wallet
  • Fairy in a Bottle Necklace
  • Ocarina of Time Ornament

Monday Prize Pack (Monday, March 12 at 6pm CT)

  • Sades Shaker Headset
  • The Legend of Zelda Gift Box
  • Zelda Wristband
  • Twilight Princess Hat
  • Twilight Princess Keychain
  • Tael Necklace
  • Link Plush

Tuesday Prize Pack (Tuesday, March 13 at 5pm CT)

  • Sades Shaker Headset
  • Zelda Wristband
  • Black Pig Plush
  • Navi Perler Magnet
  • Enamel Pin Set
  • Tatl Plush
  • Set of Fairy Necklaces

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