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Let’s Help ACT Today!

Hey guys,

ACT Today sent me an email asking for our help. Back in 2010 we were able to help ACT Today achieve victory in a Chase bank contest. Now they are in a similar contest and I think we could greatly increase their odds of winning.

From the email:

“We entered a project in the Give for Youth Challenge and now we need your vote. Only the top 20 projects with the most votes will get the chance to have their projects funded – and matched by Microsoft (up to $100,000 across all organizations). Here’s the thing, if we get in the top 20, we have a company that is willing to donate $25,000 to the program. They can make the donation through this project and Microsoft will match it! We just need TSG’s help getting to the top 20.

The deadline for voting is Friday, March 1st, at noon PST! Please spread the word to anyone in your network. The more votes we get, the better our chances to get this project off the ground!

Here’s a quick description of our project: And Action! Providing Adolescents with Autism a Filmmaking Experience

ACT Today!’s Film Program is a 2 week program led by Inclusion Films in which 38-50 participants with autism, and up to 12 siblings, will make a 35-minute film. Participants will be introduced to many trades: animation, set design, script-writing, acting, prop/set building, wardrobe, make-up, budgeting and other tasks necessary for a film. They will learn the marketable skills of filmmaking, each leaving with a film credit, and an addition to their resume. For many, this will be their first experience of job training. Participants will reap rewards when the film is premiered at a red carpet event at the San Diego Film Festival, helping to shatter the misperceptions about the capacities of those with ASD.

Instructions to vote:
1. Visit our project page at http://giveforyouth.maker.good.is/proje … ilmprogram
2. Click “Vote for this idea” to vote for me!
3. Log in with your GOOD account. (Or if you don’t have one, all you need is an email address or a Facebook account to register. You will be emailed a link that you need to click to verify your address.)
4. Once you’ve voted, you’ll see a notification at the top of the screen verifying your vote has been counted. ”

Thanks everyone for reading!

TheSpeedGamer’s Week Long Pokemon Marathon

Make sure to have your annotations on! Our marathon begins June 15 and will last 168 hours, ending on June 22. We will be raising money for ACT Today


Thank you forum member “DeleteandRepeat” for making this awesome teaser for our marathon. His youtube is http://www.youtube.com/user/DeleteAndRepeat

ACT-Today! in Pepsi Refresh Contest for December (Vote Here)

ACT-Today has made their way back into the Pepsi Refresh contest for December. This time around they are in the $50,000 category and only need to place in the top 10 to win $50,000. Vote 2 times each day: http://www.refresheverything.com/helpmilitaryautism and Text 104466 to 73774. The $50,000 will go towards helping military children with autism.

We are holding a contest in our forums for voters here.

Halo Reach Community Stream Night Oct.1

Friday October 1st starting at 6pm central we will be streaming Halo Reach and playing with all of you guys! What’s cool about us streaming on October 1st is that it kicks off ACT Today’s first month in the $50,000 bracket of the Pepsi Refresh contest. They are dropping down from $250,000 to the $50,000 category to give themselves a better chance to win. In the $250,000 category, only the top 2 won the prize money, in the $50,000 category the top 10 win. With the Halo Reach community stream night we can help them get off to a good start for the month of October. We will offer some voting incentives during the stream to get us to stream Saturday night as well. Chase is already talking crap, so be sure to have your game faces ready.

We chose Halo Reach because of all the hype swirling around it right now and I would guess that it also has the biggest reach (see what I did there?) amongst our community, minus Pokemon. We will also use the streaming opportunity to promote our upcoming Castlevania marathon, Oct 29-31. We are going to try and promote this community event to outsiders of the TSG community so that we can help ensure a successful marathon at the end of the month. We are still working out the charity info, I hope to have that for you guys soon.

As far as game types, rules and all that jazz concerning Halo Reach, I’ll have Chase type up the details and I’ll post them here. Of course, you can catch all the action here on www.TheSpeedGamers.com

Update on ACT Today!

ACT Today! has a new PSA out to help inform about what they do and also to help educate about autism (specifically concerning military families). In turn that means I’m helping out by putting this out for everyone to see! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTQEkGYJQjw

You can help too by tweet and/or using other social media to help spread the word. It would be much appreciated.

Facebook page
ACt Today! Cause page

Homepage: http://www.act-today.org/

TSG Community comes through in the clutch

In a matter of 3 days our community was able to go from 10,000th place to 88th and win $20,000 for ACT Today in the Chase Community Giving contest.  We are proud to have such a caring and dedicated community that was able to rally together in such a short span of time. To date the TSG community has raised nearly $225,000 for various causes.  We’ve spanned lupus, cancer, autism, diabetes, the environment and now have our sights set on a new cause starting August 20th @6pm cst for our Assassin’s Creed/Prince of Persia marathon.

Thank you from our entire team!

Summer of Zelda – Kagoron

HEY ALL! YOU NEED TO VOTE FOR ACT TODAY! You know, I’m starting to wonder what’s going on here. How can all this daily voting cause ACT Today to SLIP in the rankings? This is goofy. Anyway, remember to remind your friends and family to vote too, ok? AND NOW, FOR NO REASON AT ALL, KAGORON…

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