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Star Wars Marathon Promo Video

Hey everyone! I made a PROMO VIDEO! I figured since this whole “STAR WARS” thing is kind of underground, some people would need a primer on what happens in the first movie. Thankfully a friendly puppet and self-proclaimed “vamper killer” was willing to help give out the marathon details!

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Sketchin’!! – Conrad the Rhino

So yeah, as I’ve said before, Zarla and I have some weird Left 4 Dead type characters. Though with each passing day, they move away from their fannish origins and move closer to doing their own thing. Not that I’m knocking fanworks! I’m just saying that’s how these characters are playing out… though neither of us have established names for them beyond the L4D infected we originally based their personalities on. ANYWAY the leader of the group is “Charger,” a no-nonsense zookeeper who once fought for conservation and breeding programs alongside her husband. She helped raise many of the animals in her zoo, so she had a strong bond with a lot of them. So when a mysterious virus spreads and kills or zombifies most mammals, she had to decide what the most humane action would be…

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Sketchin’!! – Sandile’s Got MOXIE


… Ugh, being under the weather sucks. BUT ANYWAY like most of you I’ve been enjoying the snot out of Pokémon Black & White. I have Black and a friend of mine has White, and we basically traveled Unova in sync, challenging gym leaders simultaneously before splitting up to explore on our own. FUN TIMES! We also traded many Pokémon to each other to get boosted experience points. I thought Sandile was adorable, so he caught me one and named him CrocDuster. Duster turned out to have Moxie as his ability, which makes me laugh every time. It makes me think that whenever he knocks out an opponent, he throws up jazz hands and yells MOXIE!! before his Attack stat rises. Anyway, my battle with Elesa was nice because after my Musharna put her first Emolga to sleep, I sent in Duster. He fainted it, got MOXIE!!, which helped him faint the next Emolga, which added to his MOXIE!! again. By the time she sent out Zebstrika, Duster was strong enough to take it out with one Dig. MOXIE!!

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Anatotitan Leaving TSG FOREVER

Yes, sadly my time here has come and gone. I became TSG’s artist during the Final Fantasy marathon, and it’s been a crazy ride! But clearly it is time for me to go.


When I walked into TSG’s office last week, Britt was sitting at his desk with his arms folded. “Sit down,” he said sternly, “we need to talk.” I asked him where I was supposed to sit when there weren’t any chairs available, and he pointed to the center of the floor. I squinted and finally spotted the little doll house recliner sitting where any functional human brain would place a normal chair.  Faced with no other option, I crouched just above the tiny toy chair, as if I was frightened by it and was showing it my butt as some kind of animalistic threat display.


“Ana–” he began. I interrupted to remind him that’s not my real name, but he interrupted my interruption with a karate chop to the appendix and neck. Having seen his side of the story, I chose to no longer press the issue. “Your art’s been on the decline,” he said, “what started off as Passable At Best has now slid back into ComicGenesis Vomited into my eye sockets and posted a video of it on Youtube and then it goes viral and you see hundreds of copycat videos trying to score a few views and then memes sprout up about how bad it is and then a local news affiliate warns parents that their kids might be using it as a secret code in order to illegally download drugs from the internets.” I couldn’t help but feel like his metaphor broke down at some point, but that might have just been the internal bleeding talking.

So yes, I have been unceremoniously fired. Well, “unceremoniously” is probably too strong a word, since the moment I walked out of the office I stepped into a “YAY SHE’S FINALLY GONE WE ARE FREE ONCE AGAIN” techno dance party in the next room. Many thanks to Local for putting that together at the last minute; IT WAS A BLAST! But anyway, I’ll miss you all! And please be nice to Oscar; it’s not easy being the artist,but he’s promised to do his best!


Here’s one last image to remember me by…

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Sketchin’!! – Caesar and the Beacon

SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE! It’s me again! Time for more Pokiemonsta silliness. You may recall that a while ago, I joined the “Ultimate Battle Frontier,” a Pokémon character contest. It was super-fun!… that is until the community collapsed on itself due to drama. Honestly? Online Pokémon art contest drama? Oh internet, you’ll never outgrow your awkward phase. ANYWAY, my very respectable character that you all must take very seriously passed the first round, and it was on to Round 2! What stupid adventures did she get into? How did I wildly misinterpret the rules? How badly did I mangle the original Pokémon designs? CLICK THE CUT AND FIND OUT!

Also, I just wanted to mention that someone called Vixxito has re-uploaded 2.B.A. Master, but has dubbed over it with the Spanish version of the song!  There’s even a Spanish message to watch the marathon in the credits! That makes me so incredibly happy, people. You don’t even know 😀

ALSO ALSO, my good buddy Zarla has made this adorable Flash cartoon based on our goofy little Left 4 Dead characters. YAY!

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Promo Video: 2.B.A. Master

Hey kids! As you know, TSG’s Pokémon retrothon is going to be HUGEGANTIC. GINORMOUS. BIG, EVEN! So I figured to both promote and celebrate this awesome marathon by making a little cartoon. 2.B.A. Master was a CD that was released once Pokémon Red/Blue took America by storm, and as such it was perfect for making a silly video. Enjoy this singing and dancing Wigglytuff and his many friends!

Incidentally, there’s at least one member of every evolutionary family from R/B in this video in some capacity. It might just be a tiny cameo in the background, but they’re there! So if your favorite’s not in here, its relative certainly is.

Sketchin’!! – LEX WINS

Hey again! We all know ProtonJon, right? How could you not? He’s the hilarious Let’s Player who helps out TSG however he can! He even played in the Castlevania marathon! Yeah, THAT ProtonJon! So as you undoubtedly know, his latest LP is that brilliant masterpiece, Superman 64. Well luckily for me, I got the honor of drawing a silly little doodle for this LP! You can find it in the video on Stage 4. You could also just look under the cut, but then you’d be missing out on all comedy…

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