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Bejeweled 3 Confirmed for December 7th

PopCap’s hit series (without the series, PopCap might not even be around) is finally getting a new installment. That’s right! Bejewled 3 has just been announced for a holiday release date of December 7.

The game will feature four game modes from Bejeweled 2, along with four new game modes, all of which are slightly modified from the Bejeweled 2 version. The modes include Poker, Ice Storm, as well a Quest mode that features 40 quests and 11 mini-games.

Bejeweled co-creator Jason Kapalka said at the press release, “The challenge in creating a new version of Bejeweled is to innovate and keep it fresh and exciting without losing touch with the game-play that millions of people love. So we’re very careful when we make changes to the core game, which is why it can take so long!”

This seems like a smart move for PopCap, seeing as how Bejewled games are extremely popular, with an estimated 50 million units sold to date. A holiday release will be sure to boost those numbers, and we should expect great things.

(Source: 1up)