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New Bios Pictures!

You know how you tidy up the house when you’re expecting company? Well I figured the 20 million zillion people tuning in for the Star Wars marathon shouldn’t make do with those OLD bio pictures. And so many people have joined the staff since then! So they needed pictures too, right? So I took the liberty of updating everyone’s picture on the Bios Page. And give a hand to Local for dealing with the hassle of updating the section itself!

New Bios page is now up!

Well after a bit of scurrying around to get info on everyone, I finally present to you the new Bios page!

Anatotitan made all of the pictures.
Gwellin programmed most of it.
I finished it off by adding in pictures and info on people as well as some javascript.

That’s all that really needs to be said, enjoy!
If you see anything wrong let me know here in the comments of PM me on the forum.