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Quick Look at Halo: Reach’s DLC Tempest and Anchor 9 Maps

With Black Ops out, its time for Halo: Reach to try to bring the crowd back. And how do you do that? Multiplayer Maps! Bungie plans on releasing three maps on November 30th for 800 Microsoft Points. If you want a look at what you’re getting before you buy, you should hit the jump!

Bungie has posted videos giving quick looks at two of the upcoming maps, Anchor 9 and Tempest. Bungie plans on putting up another one tomorrow, so be sure to check back for the third video.

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Bungie Releases Halo: Reach Noble Map Pack Trailer

Did you know that Halo: Reach came out last month? That’s a full month of Halo: Reach playing. Are those month old maps already getting on your nerves? You need some lovely map pack goodness to spice up your Halo day. Specifically, you need the Noble Map Pack!

The map pack includes three all new multiplayer levels for players to compete in.  Unfortunately, you will have to wait a little over a month to get your hands at these maps. They will be launching on November 30th.

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Campaign Matchmaking Arrives October 19th For Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach! It is a Halo game, and it has matchmaking. One thing it doesn’t have? Campaign matchmaking….yet. Starting October 19th players will be able to using matchmaking for the campaign of Halo: Reach.

Outside of campaign batchmaking, Bungie, developer behind the series, plans on raising the rank cap soon. If you have built up enough credits, you may rank up multiple times once the cap is raised.

Bungie is also preparing other small changes as well, so be on the look-out for those.

(Source: Kotaku)

More Stuff Added to Halo: Reach’s Legendary Edition

Not enough STUFF in the Legendary Edition of Halo: Reach to warrant a purchase? What if there was more stuff? Would you buy it? Well, Bungie is hoping so. Halo: Reach’s Legendary Edition is getting another item to add to the set – A full 2 hour commentary by the creators of the game.

The commentary will span the entire game, but be broken up into sections to fit it into the two hour period.

The Legendary Edition is going for a whopping $149.99, but includes a Noble Team statue, special packaging, and more.  You can check out full details on the Limited and Legendary Editions here.

(Source: CVG)

Have Some More Halo: Reach Accesories

Controllers and a console not enough to quench your Halo: Reach thirst?

Microsoft has announced that they will also be bringing out a Halo: Reach headset that matches the design of both the console and the controllers.  The price for the matching headset? $49.99.

You can check out the headset close up after the jump.

(Source: Kotaku)

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Halo: Reach Limited Edition Console Bundle and Controller

Microsoft is giving both current Xbox 360 owners and new Xbox 360 owners some Halo: Reach hardware love with a new Limited Edition console and controller.

For those of you who don’t have a 360 or are looking to upgrade to the new model,  Microsoft is launching a Halo: Reach console bundle with a special limited edition silver Xbox 360. The console comes with a 250GB harddrive, built in wireless, two Limited Edition Halo: Reach wireless controllers,  and a standard edition copy of Halo: Reach for a lovely price of $399.99.

Already have a 360 but still want those fancy Limited Edition controllers? No problem! Microsoft will also be selling the limited edition controllers separately  for $59.99.  No game included, obviously. But already having a 360 opens you up to purchasing one of the many fine Halo: Reach Collector’s Editions Microsoft will be offering.

Both of these products will launch on September 14th, when Halo: Reach hits store shelves.  You can check out some nice fancy glamor shots for the new Xbox 360 and controller after the jump.

(Controller Details Source: E4G)
(Console Details: Major Nelson’s Blog)

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Halo: Reach Launching September 14th

The Halo:Reach beta wrapped up a few days ago, so now it is time to start looking toward the future… Forest 1&2, TTF, make new gaem… okay, back to Halo. Bungie announced that the full retail version of Halo: Reach is scheduled for a September 14th launch.

As we have previously detailed, you can get Halo: Reach in three different SKUs. The standard game ($59.99), the Limited Edition ($79.99), and the Legendary Edition ($149.99).  You can find all the details of each edition here.

After the jump, you can find some of the special armor you can get via special vouchers. The Elite armor comes via the Limited-Edition, the flaming helmet comes via the Legendary Edition, and the Spartan Recon Helmet is obtainable via pre-ordering.

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Play Halo: Reach Beta All Night Long; Beta Extended Till Tomorrow Morning

The Halo: Reach beta was scheduled to go down today at an unknown time, but not anymore. Bungie was nice enough to extend the beta for one extra day. The beta will be going down tomorrow, May 20th, at 10AM.

Sounds like it is time to load up on caffeine and pull an all nighter. It could be the last chance you have to play Halo: Reach until its full release later this year.

(Source: Joystiq)