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Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3 – Part One

It’s a double review this week from me, as I take a look at the two shooting heavyweights – Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. I’ll be looking at both the single and multiplayer and seeing just how well they stand up, but first – the Campaign gets my attention before I go for the multiplayer. Let’s dive in.

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Call of Duty Action Adventure Game Cut Down In It’s Prime

Awhile back right when Vince and Zampella left Infinity Ward we started hearing about an Action Adventure game in development by Sledgehammer games. Apparently we will never see that game because it was killed in prototype. When they got the chance to work on Modern Warfare 3 rather than it’s offshoot they abandoned what they say was a compelling looking prototype in order to work on the main entry in the franchise.

I can say with certainty that I would have played a 3rd person Call of Duty, but as it stand I have little to no interest in the newest game in the series, especially with the large amount of other more interesting shooters on their way. What about you guys? Are you looking forward to the new Call of Duty or would you rather them have done something new with the franchise.

Norwegian Retailer Bans Certain Games

Ever since the perpetrator linked the recent attack in Norway with some of the games he played there has been a small amount of backlash. Norwegian retailer, Coop Norway, has banned a total of 51 games from their shelves including World of Warcraft and Call of Duty which the perpetrator claimed helped train him for the attack. As ridiculous as the thought of an unrealistic military shooter or an MMO training someone to slaughter innocents sounds Coop Norway took it to heart and has banned these games on their own accord.

In an interview with interview with Rogalands Avis, a Norwegian newspaper, a company spokesman said that “The decision to remove the games was made around the time we realised the scope of the attack,” …”Others are better suited than us to point to the negative effects of games like these. At the moment it’s [appropriate] for us to take them down. I wouldn’t be surprised if others do the same.”

It seems incredibly reactionary of me to take the massively popular teen-rated MMO World of Warcraft off the shelves because of this, but companies can do what they want when it comes to inventory.


Activision VS Infinity Ward Case is Going to Trial

It’s been quite a long time since the initial shake-ups at Infinity Ward that led to Vince Zampella and Jason West quitting their jobs at Activision. Around that time Vince Zampella and Jason West filed several lawsuits against Activision and Activision sued right back. Looks like some of those cases may be finally going to trial. The cases that Vince and Jason filed against Activision are going to trial. Several months earlier the Activision cases went through to trial so this means that both sides, both seeking heavy damages, are going head to head.


If you missed the drama that happened a while back due to disagreements over how the Call of Duty name was being handled Vince and Jason fought Activision and ended up losing their jobs. They started a new studio in the mean time and Activision has released a new Call of Duty game in that time. As is the usual with court cases these were filed around the same time as the events that fractured Infinity Ward, but have just now come to fruition.


QotW: Do Yearly Releases Hurt Call of Duty’s Brand?

Another year, another Call of Duty! Modern Warfare 3 was unveiled earlier this week and… Well, it looks like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, again. Many people look down on the Call of Duty name due to the fact that it has yearly releases with relatively similar content. But sometimes it’s easy to forget that these titles actually see two years of development, thanks to two separate teams.


This week we ask a ‘what if’ question. What if the other team, Treyarch, didn’t exist? What if there was only one Call of Duty every two years? Do you think your image of the franchise would be different, or would you still view it as a cash in series? Or, if you’re on the flip side, do you enjoy the yearly releases? Would you gladly pick up multiple Call of Duty title each year?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Trailer

After a semi-boring teaser trailer, we actually get a full reveal trailer! As you can see, it is indeed Call of Duty. It is also indeed modern and warfare for the third time. After the jump you can see the trailer. As we heard with the previous leak, much of it takes place in cities around the world within the United States and Europe. But otherwise, it looks like Call of Duty.


The trend for the last couple of years is to have an actual full gameplay video at E3, generally during Microsoft’s conference. So unless Activision is pulling out something early, we should be seeing more then.


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Rumor: Modern Warfare 3 Reveal Next Month

A Call of Duty game this year? Unbelievable! But PlayStation Magazine’s teaser makes it seem likely that we’re about to get the third entry in the Modern Warfare series.  As you can see, the magazine shows a massive “3” in Modern Warfare font, with the text below saying “The biggest game in the world returns.”


After Modern Warfare 2, many developers left Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward, founding Respawn Studios. Actvision has since filled out the team again, although whether or not this title is from them or Sledge Hammer Games is unknown.


(Source: Push Square)

Rumor: New Black Ops Map Pack Leaked

We have no confirmation as to whether this is real or not, but it looks like an Australian retailer has leaked out a flier for an upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack. The flier says that the pack will include five maps, four normal ones and a Zombie map. According to the flier you can expect to be shooting your way through a Zoo, Convoy, Hotel, and a Stockpile May 5th, so long as you are playing on Xbox Live of course. There’s not much information of the Zombie map besides that it will be named Call of the Dead. The full flier is posted after the jump if you want to check it out for yourself.


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Surprise! Sledgehammer Game’s Call of Duty Title is a First Person Shooter

A Call of Duty first person shooter? Get out of town! Sledge Hammer Games, who was reportedly working on a Call of Duty game in a different genre than the first person shooter, is hiring to work on a “Call of Duty FPS” project.

It is kind of disappointing to not see the series try a new direction, but this could be because Infinity Ward has, pretty much, crumbled. Without another developer, there won’t be a Call of Duty ready for next year unless Activision has already filled all the positions at Infinity Ward already.

We will probably have to wait till next year to see if Infinity Ward will have anything for us, and to see what exactly Sledgehammer Games will have in store for us.

In the mean time, hooray Treyarch for still being fully intact.

Rumor: Raven Software Pulled From Current Projects to Work on Call of Duty Franchise

It seems Activision may be recruiting another team to work on the Call of Duty franchise. According to one of Kotaku’s inside sources, the team has been pulled from working on new iterations of the 007 James Bond series and a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine to help power the massive franchise.

Although it may not be as big of a project as we might expect. Joystiq talked an inside source who said that the team is simply developing  Black Op’s DLC map packs.

As of right now, Treyarch is currently working on Black Ops which is set for November 9th, while Sledge Hammer Games is working on a new direction for the series. Infinity Ward, despite most of their man power and talent missing, are currently pushing out a new map pack and starting development on another entry in the series.