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Gaggin’n Gamin with Cosmoid Next Thursday

Hey guys Britt already showed this video on the stream, but I wanted to promote the currently ongoing vote on the forums that will decide what games I will be playing next Thursday. Check out the link to the forums and if you want to vote you have to sign up, but in the end you will get to reap the benefits that are the amazing TSG community.


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TSGWritecast 2 Coming At Your Faceholes!

In this second episode of the TSGWrite cast Phantomarauder is missing and Localretard fills in. Slow week for video games so we talk about Jellybeans,Soap,Movies,TV, and a little bit of games. As for the songs in this episode the first one is Twin Peaks Theme from the Twin Peaks soundtrack and then we go to Thanks Mario, but our Princess is in another Castle by The Mountain Goats & Kaki King and after that Rococo from Arcade Fire off of The Suburbs in honor of their Grammy win, and finally we end with a remix of the ending theme from Pee Wee’s Playhouse by Brian Ellis that you can hear here. Also stay tuned or just skip to the end if you get bored because after the ending song we have a special surprise from Oculin to You.


Bad Gaming Trends: Pre-Order Bonuses

Don’t think of this so much as a series, but as a topic I will revisit often. In this first video I set my sights on pre-order bonuses. Wearing my whiskey media shirt to give props to Giant Bomb for their Bad Gaming Trend award that gave me the idea to visit the topic regularly. You can check out the video below. I hope you enjoy my yammering to you guys.

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Community Interviews Kingdom Hearts

Hey there doogers and doogets I have a little video that I rushed to finish in time just for the occasion. The Kingdom Hearts marathon starts up tommorow and I whipped up 3 interviews with the community and edited them to some game footage.

*SPOILER WARNING* This video may contain spoilers. I don’t really know, but just in case.

I have to say this one feels a bit rushed because I got crunched for time. There are some sound issues I didn’t have time to fix and some of the video in inconsistent in quality. Still I hope you enjoy it. It’s more about the people talking anyway. Also if you could give me an opinion on whether or not this should be an audio only feature that would be good too.

The interviewees are Wee187 (The one who says the most story stuff, higher pitched), DIZaster321 (Lower pitched), and finally Skeletor (He came out the bassiest).

Check out the video after the jump.

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