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Next Gen Darkstalkers recieves 100,000 supporters

Darkstalkers was Capcom’s other main fighting franchise besides Street Fighter. While Street Fighter took characters from various places around the world, Darkstalkers had a strong horror basis to it, which is reflected in the series most popular characters such as Morrigan and Felicia who are often used in the various games in the Capcom Vs series. Unfortunatly the actual series itself, is not as succesful as Capcom’s other top tier fighting games.

Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono has been trying to get the DarkStalkers series remade for a long time now as it was a series he’d really like to get back into working on. Capcom told Ono that he needed a million requests in order to get the series reboot greenlit however while he was in London promoting the launch of the 3DS, he said that: “At the moment in Capcom’s statistics, I’ve heard it’s [the number of requests] gone over 100,000. But it’s far from a million. We need to keep on going.” In the meantime, Super Street Fighter IV will be a launch game for the 3DS which goes on sale Tommorow in the UK and Friday in the US.

Source: (Eurogamer)

Only 995,000 More Requests Until Inafune Considers Darkstalkers Sequel

Yoshinori Ono, producer of Street Fighter IV and the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom 3, has been interested in a new Darkstalkers title for quite sometime. He has been trying to rally the fans of the series to help support him pitch the title to Capcom’s higher ups.

Unfortunately, things don’t seem to be going so well. According to Ono, Inafune won’t even consider the title until it receives 1,000,000 requests. So far, they have 5,000. That’s quite the ways to go.

Every request counts, so if you are  a fan of the series, you should definitely have a little word with Capcom at some point. The best way to do this is probably through their Capcom-Unity website.

(Source: Joystiq)

Super Street Fighter IV Producer Teasing New Game

Super Street Fighter 4 and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom producer, Yoshinori Ono, teased that a new title is on the way. He tweeted “Super SF4 on sale!! SuperSF4 is nothing compared to what’s coming!!

What could it be? A new entry in the Darkstalkers series is looking likely. When asked if it was a Darkstalkers title he replied “I’m left speechless yet….. Shhhh.” The producer had already showed great interest in the past to create another title in the series, saying he was “desperate” to get another release in the series approved of. So Darkstalkers seems like a likely candidate.

(Source: Eurogamer)

Capcom Producer Desperately Trying For A New Darkstalkers

Not too long ago, Yoshinori Ono showed interest in creating a new Darkstalkers title. Now it seems that his interest has sky rocketed.

In an interview with VideoGamesDaily, Ono explained that he is trying to keep a new entry in the Darkstalkers’ series in the front of Capcom’s mind. “Yes I always try and talk about Darkstalkers during interviews because I want to show Capcom that there is a demand for a new game.

Ono concluded on the subject with saying “I am desperate to make this game!

If this were any other company, there wouldn’t be much we could do other then cross our fingers. Thankfully, Capcom tends to listen to their fans. One way you can get their attention is through Capcom’s suggestion box. I’m not sure on all the details on how to use it. But from the sounds of it, you can make a suggestion or vote that you want some one else’s suggestion.

So if you want a new Darkstalkers, make sure your voice is heard!

Street Fighter Producer’s Dream Project Would Be A New Darkstalkers

Producer Yoshinori Ono is finishing up work on his latest title, Super Street Fighter IV, which will on store shelves next month. Kotaku recently spoke to him about the title and asked him what his next dream project would be. “If I was given the resources and the permission to do so, I would love to make a new Darkstalkers more than anything,” said Ono.

The last major entry in the Darkstalkers series was Darkstalkers 3 which released in 1997.