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Daytona USA Coming to a Console Near You This Month

While Daytona USA may be familiar to most as “That game made by the people behind Outrun with an AMAZING soundtrack”, that description does a dis-service to one of the most influential arcade racing games ever. It’s amazing to think that an arcade game released 18 years ago would still be such a mainstay in arcades, showing how well the game has aged (Did I mention that the fastest racer in the Saturn port was a HORSE!)

As a testament to this, SEGA have not only announced the re release of Daytona USA for XBLA and PSN, but also confirmed that it will be available for download as soon as this month. The HD port will include touched up visuals (similar to Guardian Heroes which was released yesterday on XBLA) and online multi player to replicate the arcade feel to the finest detail (except digging into your pockets to find another quarter). The game will be released on October 26 for 800 Microsoft points and for $9.99 on PSN on October 25.

Source: (Siliconera)