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Trenched (Iron Brigade) Review

Trenched, or Iron Brigade as the original title was changed to (it’s still called Trenched in the US until November 30th, when it releases in Europe), is yet another stylized title in the portfolio of developer Double Fine Games. It takes the third person shooter genre and tilts it on its ear, adding in strong tower defense elements as your mechanized mobile armor, called a trench, stands guard against waves of various televised monstrosities, the pawns of two altered geniuses locked in battle with the fate of the world on the line. So is their arcade offering a blast, or is Iron Brigade shooting blanks?

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Double Fine working on Sesame Street Kinect Game

I know it sounds crazy, but Double Fine is making a liscenced game. Even crazier it’s a Kinect game for kids based on the beloved Sesame street TV show. It promises to feature Elmo and other puppets from the show. It looks like the game wil let you control an odd monster and task you with doing various thing such as pretending to fly or dance. Tim Scaeffer expressed how much Sesame Street effected him and his team when they were kids and how excited he was to be able to bring that experience to his children. It’s called Once Upon a Monster and it is not clear whether it will be a retail or downloadable game, however I imagine any kids focused title would be a boxed product.

While I probably won’t play much if any of this game I am very pleased to see good developers working on games for kids.


Check Out Double Fine’s Stacking in Action

If anyone knows how to catch a gamer’s eye, it is Double Fine. Founded by Tim Schafer, the developer has consistently made great games. Unfortunately, they haven’t had much to show for it in sales.

Even if you don’t plan on picking up any of their titles, they are still interesting just to look at, like their upcoming title Stacking for XBLA and PSN. If you don’t know what stacking is… well you should just hit the videos over on VG247. It is definitely a strange game.

I’m not sure if it’s weird that I’m getting a Mission Impossible 64 vibe from this game. Maybe it is all the walking around and face switching.

The title is set to release early this year, so it won’t be long until you can get it in your hands.

Double Fine reveals “Stacking” for Early 2011 release

In the inaugural episode of Double Fine’s Podcast (Creators of Psychonauts and Brutal Legend), Tim Schafer himself announced that the second of his four downloadable games (first being Costume Quest) entitled Stacker will be released Early 2011 for PSN & XBLA. The podcast also talks about Costume with the game’s creative leads (The CQ DLC: Grubbins on Ice was released on XBLA today and is also avaliable on PSN). as well as the lead animator of Double Fine working on a “Super Secret Project”. A link to the podcast can be found in the source of this article.

Source: (JoyStiq)

Tim Schafer Says Maybe To Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts was less than successful in it’s time. Tim Schafer has said, when speaking with PSM3, that he would love to do a sequel if he could find a publisher willing to do it. He believes that the first game has gotten out to enough people by now that if all of those new fans bought the next one it could be a fantastic success.

I am personally a big fan of Psychonauts. I have very fond memories of pre-ordering the game and having it shipped to my house and getting into that crazy brain main menu.


Costume Quest Launching October 20th

Double Fine’s Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network Halloween themed RPG will be launching October 20th, a full eleven days before Halloween.

Costume Quest has players playing as children trick or treating. But when the game switches to a battle, all of the children transform into real versions of their costumes.

It is pretty cool to see a holiday themed game that isn’t just shovelware. I wrote an article not too long ago on my blog about how I’d like to see more titles that make use of the holidays for content, rather than just sales. Pretty much just said, “they are cool, do more.”

THQ Announces Publishing Deal With Double Fine

THQ is going to be publishing 2 of Doublefine’s upcoming downloadable game and they have revealed one of them. Costume Quest is an adventure RPG that takes place on Halloween night. The gameplay includes getting quest’s, collecting various objects, and fighting and leveling up. The game will put you in the role of kids trick or treating and take place in a variety of sub-urban environments. Unlike most of Doublefine’s other titles this game is being headed up not by Tim Schaeffer but by Tasha Harris the company’s lead animator. THQ will also be publishing what is described as a 3rd person adventure game from Doublefine.

Check out some screenshots after the jump.

(Images: 1up.com)

(Source: 1up.com)

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