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Coming Soon to Xbox Live Marketplace

Are you outta gum!? DUKE NUKEM Manhattan Project is coming June 23rd to XBLA! But if you have plenty of gum, there are tons of deals on games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (50% off), Banjo Tooie (33% off), Portal (33% off), and more.

You can check out full details after the jump.

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Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project gets Rated for XBLA

Duke Nukem looks to be spreading some more love to XBLA soon. The Korean rating system recently rated Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project for Xbox 360. The title has yet to be announced, but it is looking likely at this point.

Originally the title was found out about late last year via a employee’s LinkedIn profile that listed a XBLA version of the title. This is the first news we have heard about the title for awhile.

I played the demo of the PC version recently. It was pretty a pretty fun side scroller. I don’t have a 360, but I think I’ll pick up the PC version one day.

(Source: Gamerbytes)