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Nintendo Download for North America November 9th

Nintendo Download this week is pretty good with the launch of Excitebike World Rally (1,000 points) on WiiWare along with Frogger Returns (500 points). DSi owners get a slew of Electroplankton ports (200 each), but Hudson Soft is bringing out the latest edition of Bomberman with Bomberman Blitz (500 points).  Virtual Console has Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap (500 points) on Master System and Cybernoid (500 points) on the Commodore 64.

Overall a pretty solid week I’d say, hit the jump for the full press release.

(Image Source: IGN )

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New Excitebike World Rally details and screen shots

IGN has had their hands on Excitebike World Rally for two weeks now and they have some impressions up that lists some of the major details of the title.

Excitebike World Rally has full 3D graphics and runs at 60 frames per second. The game has a variety of backgrounds for different areas including Japan, London, United States and Mexico. None of these areas actually effect gameplay though and are just the set location for the track, but the backgrounds do change to fit each location.

On the gameplay side the game is almost identical to the original NES title. There have been quite a few new additions included though, including the ability to wheelie over slower moving opponents, the ability to save tracks you have created along with sending them over the internet to friends,  the ability to play online with random opponents or people on your friends list, and the ability to earn ranks similar to that of Excite Bots and Excite Truck.  Another new feature, which sounds like it will add quite a bit more strategy to how you race, is an additional effect that you receive when using your back wheel against opponents. Along with knocking off your opponents, it now cools off your engine which can let you boost longer.

More gameplay details and screen shots after the jump.

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Excitebike World Rally announced and dated (updated with trailer)


If you checked out Nintendo Week this morning you would have seen that Excitebike World Rally will be coming to WiiWare in North America on November 9th. The new title will play like the classic NES title and will feature online multiplayer. As for the graphics, it will feature a 2.5D style. There will be more details on it on the next episode of Nintendo Week.