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“Kinect Has Got Some Problems,” Says Peter Molyneux

Ask the average gamer and they’ll tell you that Kinect isn’t exactly perfect for a core gaming experience. If you ask Microsoft, you’ll probably get a completely different answer. So it is surprizing to see one of Microsoft’s biggest developers call out the flaws of Kinect.

Developer Peter Molyneux, creator of the Fable series, Populous and the recently canceled Milo,  spoke with Gaming Union about the hands-free peripheral. “As an input device it has some real problems. Without a thumb stick, navigation is a real problem. You haven’t got any buttons, so ordering the player to do something can be somewhat of a problem.” But, of course, the system does has its benefits, specifically Molyneux points out that the Kinect allows for “a great sense of freedom and emotion.

Of course, that isn’t stopping his development team from trying to make a core title for the platform. Fable: The Journey, which he claims will capture a core audience, is definitely an interesting title, but the Kinect has yet to really prove itself in the hardcore arena yet. We will have to see if the title holds up to the franchise name when it releases.


“Reviewers Aren’t Gamers” – Peter Molyneux [Fake]

It seems as though Peter Molyneux isn’t too thrilled about Fable III’s mixed reviews.  Or so it seems, anyway.

Molyneux was “caught” having posted a rather slanderous remark towards the world of video game reviewers stating: “Can everyone please just ignore the reviews about my new game please. Reviewers are not real gamers, they don’t play my games properly.”

You should notice that I posted “Fake” as the title of the post.

This is more or less to inform you that the Twitter account that posted this was a fake, and several gaming media outlets reported it as true, and I’m merely reporting this to inform you about this.  It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t believe everything that Twitter says, especially when the account is petermolyneux2.

Source:  gamernode

Eurogamer lets “Slip” Fable III Review Score

As you all probably know, game reviewers are forced to hold their opinions until the big game companies say it’s ok, especially BAD opinions.

Naturally, it came as a surprise when Eurogamer let slip some information about the recent upcoming title Fable III.

Eurogamer gave the game an 8/10, which may not be as impressive as a majority of gamers [or the development team] were hoping for.  With the upcoming reviews of the game going live tomorrow, we’ll see if the said score seems to be the general consensus.

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Fable 3 Combat Details

Fable III is the third game in Peter Molyneux’s epic RPG series which while it originally aimed to make your impact on the world feel real has recently been focused on focusing the action RPG experience into a more friendly game. The additions to the fighting in the game are mainly focused on the spell system. They have introduced that you can cast the strongest variant of any spell you get as soon as you get it, however it get faster as you level them. There is also the spellweaving system which allows you to combine spells by wearing two spell gauntlets at once. Finally they have the morphing weapon system which changes depending on the way you play changing the usually excepted loot mechanic present in RPG’s. Fable II should be dropping into your lap around October 26th of 2010.

There are also some screenshots after the jump.

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