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Rumor: Rogue Squadron Wii title on the way

Over the weekend a handful of rumors jumped around from a Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Wii title. These listings come from a variety of sources, but whether or not it is a new title or New Play Control is unknown.

European retailer Game.co.uk  listed Star Wars: Rogue Squadron for the Wii on on their website. The publisher listed is Activsion Blizzard, who publishes Star Wars titles in Europe.

The second pop up about the title came from IGN where they created their own listing as well.  Whether or not this is based off any new possible info about another upcoming title is uncertain, but the developer is listed as White Harvest which contains many members from Factor 5 who developed the original Rogue Squadron titles.

And lastly, a supposed employee from GameStation tipped GoNintendo that the title, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron for the Wii, was added to their computer systems along side a listing for Project H.A.M.M.E.R.

None of these are actually confirmed, but it seems like quite a few listings to just completely ignore it. There is a good chance we might find out tomorrow at Nintendo’s Media Summit so keep your eyes peeled.

(All sources via: GoNintendo)

Rumor: Nintendo and Lucas Arts sitting on completed Wii titles by Factor 5

Factor 5 closed its doors earlier this year, but rumor has it is that two of their titles were ready to go out the door.  A recent rumor poped up saying that both Nintendo and Lucas Arts currently carry finished products by Factor 5, but for some reason have yet to release them. As of right now the rumored titles are, on the Nintendo’s side, a new Pilot Wings and on Lucas Arts’ side, a new Rogue Squadron title.

Why haven’t these titles been released? Who knows. It could be because there are legal reasons or maybe their just waiting for the right timing.  If these titles do exist let’s hope that they do eventually see release.

(Source: GoNintendo)