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The Legend of Zelda Prototype Uncovered

I really wish we could talk more about little fun facts more on the gaming-news blog. But with how much goes through each day, it’s hard to find time to talk about the old, instead of the new. Thankfully, Christmas isn’t a very busy season at all in terms of news. So today, I direct you to The Cutting Room Floor’s Legend of Zelda feature.

Apparently a prototype disk for the Famicom version of the original The Legend of Zelda was found. While a close to completion prototype of the game, there were a handful of differences, including some graphical changes, different music and sound effects, and more!

One of the most interesting changes is that the difficulty seemed to be greatly increased in the final version of the game. Often today we will see the opposite happen, especially with Nintendo, but apparently the team felt the original was too easy.

It isn’t often you see a high profile title like this get its prototype leaked out, so be sure to give it a glimpse!