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2D Umineko Fighting Game Coming to Xbox 360

Umineko is a series of visual novels noted for their abstract characters, absurd storylines and general perpelxing insanity. The series have spawned Light Novels, Animé, Manga, and now it’s own doujin video game. The original version of Umineko was conceived as an indie PC fighting game displayed at last years Otakon (The same way that Melty Blood came into fruition) and it was shown to be one of the highlights of the event as the developers managed to take the characters everyone knew and loved and placed them in a fighting game with amazing animation, a framerate for a 2D fighter not seen since Street Fighter 3 or Garou: Mark of the Wolves and in general, all the components of a very awesome game.

What’s even better is that Alchemist (Creators of GalGun AKA Game of the Year 2010) confirmed that they are working on a 360 port of the Doujin featuring three new characters (Rosa Ushiromiya, George Ushiromiya and Jessica Ushiromiya), New scenarios and endings that will expand of the mythos of the series as well as Xbox Live compatability for smoother online play. No release date has been specified although fingers crossed for a region free release (If you can’t wait for that, Arcana Heart 3 came out on NA PSN for $30 if you can’t wait for a solid 2D fighting game, get to it!)

Also, this is my 200th news post, so yay to me.

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BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 1.03 patch announced, Platinum the Trinity to Recieve May release

Owners of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift for the PS3 or 360 can get the 1.03 patch for the game game that makes the game more like it’s arcade update: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II. BBCSII was originally included as an update to the arcade that game the game three new characters: Makato, Valkyhern and Platinum (The former two are avaliable on the console version through DLC while the latter will be released on the game say as the patch for $7.99 or alternativly 560MSP points) as well as providing better balance between characters which should shake up the official tier lists for a while. As well as making the game closer to the new arcade setting, more achievements/trophys will be added for Platinum, the ranked match interface will recieve a do-over, online play will be enhanced as well as fixing various bugs in the previous edition of the game. It hasn’t been confirmed when abouts in May the patch will be released however for those interested in more BlazBlue, Continuum Shift II will recieve an NA release for the 3DS and PSP on May 31st (In the meantime, Arcana Heart 3 comes out on PSN today!).

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Arcana Heart 3 Recieves NA PSN Release this April

While fighting game fans have been warming up to Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the game they’ve all REALLY been waiting for will soon be here! Arcana Heart 3 is the next in Examu’s popular fighting game series that is well known for its fast gameplay, unique battle system and an all female cast (plus a robot). Aksys have confirmed that the game will be released through PSN in North America this April.


Arcana Heart 3 was originally released in Japan on the 360 & PS3 as retail releases and while North America will not receive this luxury, Europe will. Published by Zen United (publishers of BlazBlue who did a decent job even if they took their sweet time getting it released over here), both the 360 & PS3 version will be available to European gamers in retail form (any US gamer who wants a retail release could alternatively import the European edition since it’s region free). Unfortunately, there is no word as to whether the UK will get the Special Edition of AH3, with such luxuries as a mini towel, label pins and a collection of animé cels. However, Zen United provided such edition for BlazBlue so anything is possible at this stage.

Source: (Siliconera)

Arcana Heart 3 released on PSN in North America

To celebrate Valentines day, Aksys Games who are well known for publishing a wide variety of obscure Japanese games confirmed today that they are making Arcana Heart 3 avalable for NA users though PSN for the cheap price of $29.99. This decision has caused someannoyance within the fighting game comuniy as it means that anyone who wants a retail release will have to import the PAL edition (Hopefully we get the special edition although it’s all unconfirmed right now.) The other problem is that this implies that AH3 will not be coming to the 360 in the US despite it’s avaliability in JP & PAL however at this point noting has been deconfirmed/confirmed yet. Europe on the other hand will see a full retail release though the publishers Pqube who published the BlazBlue series over in Europe. The US version is set to be released this Spring and the UK version is set to be released this Summer.

Source: (Joystiq)

Tougeki 2010 ends as the new fighting game champions are crowned.

For those who are probably staring at this topic title wth embezzlement, Tougeki is a yearly competition held in Japan which invites the best fighting game players in the world (Ironically most of them are Japanese) to compete against each other for the title of the champion of their specified gam. This year, the variety of games was large from popular mainstays such as the Street Fighter games and Guilty Gear, to the latest installments of classics such as Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown and Tekken 6… to whatever Sengoku Basara X is. Results can be fond after the jump.

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French Bread developing new 2D fighting game

French Bread, most famous for working with Type Moon to create the fighting game series Melty Blood (which you can read more about here) confirmed through thier website that they are working on a new fighting game of an unknown title.

Nothing is really known about the game yet other than a picture of some early character designed concepts that have been posted on their website. The game itself hasn’t been produced for very long however now that French Bread have finished working on their previous title, a 2D side scrolling shooter called Lunaria released at Comiket, this should give the development team enough time to release a worthy sucesscor to Melty Blood.

Source: Siliconera