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Summer to Fall to Winter

The Final Fantasy Marathon is in the books! Everybody involved did a great job, a complete team effort. We ended raising $32, 753 for ACT Today. That ranks as our 4th most successful marathon. We have now surpassed $425,000 total raised for various charities/causes. All prize winners from the FF marathon should be notified soon.

We’ve started transitioning into planning for our upcoming Halloween (Oct 18-21) and Zelda (Dec 13-16) marathons.  Soon you should see changes to the front page banner and forums as well as their backgrounds. If you need you need access to the marathon planning forum, please either pm/tweet/email me. You will also see a batch of new community/forum events and contests soon.

We’ve got some big ideas for each of our next couple of marathons. I’ll be posting about them over the next several weeks on the blog. Thank you guys for supporting us over the 5+ years. We’ve got a lot planned for the future.

The Silence is Broken; Les Talk Final Fantasy BABY!

It’s been a long time between updates and I wanted to get you all up to speed on what I’ve been doing…err.. or not doing. We have a preliminary schedule being worked on in our Final Fantasy section of the forums and we have a full list of players.

There are a few first time participants and runners from the SDA and SRL communities. I’m really excited about this and thankful for them contributing their time toward our cause. Right now Poxnor is scheduled to be kicking off the event by playing Final Fantasy 8. He will also be playing the FF Legends trilogy. He’s going to be in town for the event and we will make sure to get him a pair of cowboy boots and his own horse that he can ride back to Canada..also…CHEESECAKE FACTORY AND YUMMYLICIOUS (local frozen yogurt joint). Another first time runner for TSG also hailing from the great white North and obliterator of everything Final Fantasy will be the speed running artist Crystal Beauty playing Final fantasy 10.  Returning for her 3rd marathon, playing Final Fantasy VI , as I like to call her the Queen of Final Fantasy, Kari “Essentia” Johnson.

We also have a lot of first time players from our own community. Mayday will make her playing debut with Final Fantasy 10-2. Mayday has been participating in our marathons for awhile now by commentating , being a part of our marketing team and also helping with a million other behind the scene event coordination efforts.  Fellow Texan Giraffesaredope will be moseying down to the Rocking H  Ranch for the first time and playing Final Fantasy XII. Giraffes has been streaming for TSG presents for the past couple of years and is known on the forums as Ninja Monkey. Cosmoid is playing Final Fantasy III and  is another fellow TSG Presents streamer, former writer for the blog and a frequent video guest during our marathons. Last but not least, because we just can’t get enough of our Canadian brethren, Wazuki will be making his debut playing the fan favorite Final Fantasy VII. Wazuki joined the community  after watching our first Final Fantasy marathon back in 2009. It should be noted, as I think he would want me to point out that Wazuki is a fellow WoW TSG guild member and was SERVER FIRST ARCHEOLOGY for MOP. <<Rofl, that’s actually an inside joke and I’m sure he’s going to kill me when he sees me at the marathon. P.S. If you want to join the guild, we play on the server Nesingwary, horde. Guild name “Schindler’s Pokedex”.

There’s still a lot of shifting in times when it comes to the schedule so I’m going to hold off on posting that until June. Here’s a full player list below.

FF1: Caden “Y3llowPepper”

FF2: JD “JDTwins”

FF3: Cameron “Cosmoid”

FF4: Josh “Blaumagier” “Lothis”

FF5: Phil “Msico”

FF6: Kari ‘Essentia”

FF7: Jacob “Wazuki”; encore run Dustin

FF8: “Poxnor”

FF9:  “JaggerG”

FF10: “Crystal Beauty”

FF10-2: Ashley “Mayday”

FF 12:  Zach “Giraffesaredope”

FF 13: Joseph “Baltes”

FF 13-2: Rob “Rob” Rob

FF Crisis Core: Megan “Ruju”

Crystal Chronicles : Jazaaboo, Toast & Squint

Final Fantasy Legends 1-3: “Poxnor”


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

30 hour-long tutorial, linear gameplay – it’s safe to say Final Fantasy XIII isn’t going to be fondly remembered by most. Square Enix took the criticism it was force-fed and hid until they produced a sequel. Did they listen to the harsh criticisms, or will they stand stubborn in the face of adversity? Let’s find out.. Continue reading Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

Why I Like: Final Fantasy XIII

One of the most hated Final Fantasy games in quite a long time also happens to be my favorite one. Recently I was thinking about Final Fantasy games and which one I would say that I liked the most, and I kept coming back to Final Fantasy XIII for some reason. Keep in mind I have only ever played  the original, II and VII through XIII, but still, in my experience, Final Fantasy XIII is my favorite.  I wanted to take this chance to really dig into the aspects that make me enjoy the game so much.

Continue reading Why I Like: Final Fantasy XIII

Role-Playing Games to Action Adventure Games

Everyday there are debates about what games are truly RPGs (role-playing games). Lots of people consider The Legend of Zelda series an RPG, when the series is actually an action-adventure title; with the exception of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, which is an action RPG. There are some people who believe that an RPG is defined as playing the role of a character in the game. The issue with that statement revolves around the knowledge of every game. Every video game results in the gamer picking up some sort of controller and playing the role of a character in their video game of choice. With this knowledge, every game would be defined as an RPG.

Continue reading Role-Playing Games to Action Adventure Games

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Screenshots Abound

Square Enix has finally released a slew of screenshots from the poorly named Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. If you missed the initial announcement Square Enix is releasing a rhythm based Final Fantasy game that will include remixes of fan favorite songs from the series and several styles of play such as Field and Battle.

The screenshot’s point to the game being closer to the rhythm adventure games of the PS2 and PS1 era, Mad Maestro, Gitaroo Man, and Parappa the Rapper, rather than the modern iterations of the genre such as Guitar Hero and Rockband. You can judge for yourself in the gallery after the jump.


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Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s Cutscenes Fully Controllable

Those who have been following Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s development will have heard that you can control characters during a live cutscene. Versus is going one step further, and is letting you control characters during every single cutscene, including the pre-rendered scenes, according to Tetsuya Nomura.

All the pre-rendered scenes, the ones with the movie-esque quality – think the scene from Bevelle in FFX when they are sliding down from the airship, that kind of pre-rendered – will be rendered in real time, giving players the opportunity to move and do things during the cutscene. Nomura  made his intentions clear during the interview with Famitsu – he wants the player to never stop feeling like they are playing.

Other revelations include that this game is unlike the usual Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy Type-o and Kingdom Hearts, with battles changing on a player’s actions. While no release date was given, Nomura stated he had a time-frame in mind.

(Source: siliconera )

Square Enix announce Final Fantasy Theatrhythm

In a rather surprising announcement by Square Enix, they confirmed that the latest installment in the series will be a rhythm game under the title Final Fantasy Theatrhythm. Continuing in the same way that other absurdly named games in the franchise such as Dissidia started, Theatrhythm aims to expand the FF series away from its JRPG roots to provide a unique experience to fans of the series. In terms of the rhythm based game play, from a purely visual standpoint it reminds more of Donkey Konga than any of the games in the Benami genre such as Dance Dance Revolution, Project DIVA or DJ MAX do. This is mainly because the commands appear in a linear sequence that require the appropriate button press, rather than a segregation approach used with the aformentioned games. While the game promises a wide range of compositions available, a couple of the more noteworthy pieces have already been confirmed such as Battle on the Big Bridge, To Zanarkand, Senleth Waterscape and, of course, One Winged Angel. Final Fantasy Theatrhythm is set to be released for the 3DS however a release date has yet to be confirmed.

Source: (Siliconera)