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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Screenshots Abound

Square Enix has finally released a slew of screenshots from the poorly named Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. If you missed the initial announcement Square Enix is releasing a rhythm based Final Fantasy game that will include remixes of fan favorite songs from the series and several styles of play such as Field and Battle.

The screenshot’s point to the game being closer to the rhythm adventure games of the PS2 and PS1 era, Mad Maestro, Gitaroo Man, and Parappa the Rapper, rather than the modern iterations of the genre such as Guitar Hero and Rockband. You can judge for yourself in the gallery after the jump.


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Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s Cutscenes Fully Controllable

Those who have been following Final Fantasy XIII-2‘s development will have heard that you can control characters during a live cutscene. Versus is going one step further, and is letting you control characters during every single cutscene, including the pre-rendered scenes, according to Tetsuya Nomura.

All the pre-rendered scenes, the ones with the movie-esque quality – think the scene from Bevelle in FFX when they are sliding down from the airship, that kind of pre-rendered – will be rendered in real time, giving players the opportunity to move and do things during the cutscene. Nomura  made his intentions clear during the interview with Famitsu – he wants the player to never stop feeling like they are playing.

Other revelations include that this game is unlike the usual Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy Type-o and Kingdom Hearts, with battles changing on a player’s actions. While no release date was given, Nomura stated he had a time-frame in mind.

(Source: siliconera )

Square Enix announce Final Fantasy Theatrhythm

In a rather surprising announcement by Square Enix, they confirmed that the latest installment in the series will be a rhythm game under the title Final Fantasy Theatrhythm. Continuing in the same way that other absurdly named games in the franchise such as Dissidia started, Theatrhythm aims to expand the FF series away from its JRPG roots to provide a unique experience to fans of the series. In terms of the rhythm based game play, from a purely visual standpoint it reminds more of Donkey Konga than any of the games in the Benami genre such as Dance Dance Revolution, Project DIVA or DJ MAX do. This is mainly because the commands appear in a linear sequence that require the appropriate button press, rather than a segregation approach used with the aformentioned games. While the game promises a wide range of compositions available, a couple of the more noteworthy pieces have already been confirmed such as Battle on the Big Bridge, To Zanarkand, Senleth Waterscape and, of course, One Winged Angel. Final Fantasy Theatrhythm is set to be released for the 3DS however a release date has yet to be confirmed.

Source: (Siliconera)

Final Fantasy Type 0 80% finished, Final Fantasy XIII Versus news coming soon

Despite the optimistic stigmata that surrounds the progression of Final Fantasy Type 0, the game has also been confirmed to be delayed to at least this autumn (in Japan anyway). In an interview with the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, he stated that the main reason for the delay was the PSN downtime. The most relevant piece of infomation given in the interview is that that game will contain between 30 to 40 hours of gameplay and it will be 100 hours fully (So there’s only be 50 hours of cutscenes minimum? Awesome!).

Square Enix Would Consider a Final Fantasy HD Collection

Recently PS3Trophies.com asked Kitase over at Square Enix what they thought about the proposition and his response was a positive “We haven’t made up our mind about that yet,” said Kitase, “but if there was a strong voice coming through from the users asking for such porting, then obviously we would seriously consider it, but no actual plans yet.”.

Perhaps if every Final Fantasy fan spoke out at once they would hear us and comply. While I may not be a Final Fantasy superfan I can understand why this would be very appealing. Of course we have no idea what games exactly they would choose for this collection and without some significant touch-ups I can’t imagine many of the PS1 titles looking all that hot in HD.

Square Enix E3 2011 Lineup Revealed

Today the Europe Square Enix Members blog confirmed the company’s complete E3 lineup, as well as a promise to have a new Tomb Raider trailer up tomorrow. You can see the full list below.

  • FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 (PS3, Xbox 360)
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)
  • Hitman: Absolution (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)
  • Tomb Raider (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)
  • Dungeon Siege III (PS3, Xbox 360, PC)
  • Heroes of Ruin (Nintendo 3DS)

While it reveals nothing we didn’t already guess was going to be there, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Type-0 are both missing much to my chagrin, it will undoubtedly still prove to be a solid lineup at this year’s conference.

(Source: Square Enix EU Members)

Final Fantasy VI details for Japan

We found out that Final Fantasy VI is getting a re-release in japan on the PSN and we now know the price. It’s going to be the PS1 version that added cutscenes in and it should cost around 1,200 Yen which is around 15 dollars US. Final Fantasy VI is often considered the greatest Final Fantasy game and most definitely one of the finest 2D JRPG’s ever made. We can only hope this release makes it over to the US.


Final Fantasy III Recieves Worldwide Release Today

Not enough Job System in your lives? Why not download FFIII today! FFIII remained for a long time as the only Final Fantasy game never to be released over to western audiences until the release of the remake for the DS which took all of the sprites from the original game and replaced them with 3D polygons. This remake will now be avaliable for the Iphone with enhanced sprites and cleaner graphics which make them more suited for the IPhone’s graphical capabilities. The game has been released in eight languages and will cost $15.99 / €12.99 / £9.49 /1,800 yen.

Source: (Siliconera)

New Final Fantasy Type-0 News

Final Fantasy Type-0 is shaping up to be pretty unique in the plethora of other Final Fantasy titles. The PSP game will be an action RPG where you play as students at a magic school in a country that has just come under attack. here are several powers which are associated with specific persons in Final Fantasy Type-0, Dragons, Magic, Knights, and Science. The battles take place with you switching between different characters and performing combos and other actions based inputs. As usual, I am always interested in RPGs with a school based setting. This is shaping up to be an interesting one.