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Final Fantasy IV PSP includes Extra chapter

Yet more news from Famitsu today! For anyone who thought that six ports wasn’t enough, FFIV PSP will be the definitive release of the game including redone sprites, arranged music (You can switch to the original music any time you want), a gallery mode including pictures and movies included in the game as well as bundling in FFIV: The After Years which was previously only avaliable through Japanese cell phones and through WiiWare. As well as containing these, a brand new chapter would also be included in the collection. The chapter entitled “Interlude” will be created by Takashi Tokida who originally worked on FFIV and it will take place between the two games, starting with the heroes gathering at Damcyan castle to mark the recovery of the castle. The game will have its regular and standard editions released on March 24th and there is no word on an English localisation (It’s Final Fantasy so it’ll probably happen).

Source: (Andriasang)


Final Fantasy V arriving to JP PSN

As part of Square Enix’s promotion for Final Fantasy Dissidia Duodecim, They plan to release Final Fantasy V on the Japanese Playstation Network. V is considered to be one of the more under-rated entries in the series which never recieved its initial Super Famicom release for Western gamers however the later PS1 & GBA versions were released overseas. There is no confirmation of a Western release of this port however considering Sqeenix for the most part has been steadily releasing their PS1 backlog through PSN (And yet no English Einhander…), the chances are rather likely. Final Fantasy I & IV are already avaliable though Virtual Console which most likely pave the way for Final Fantasy VI so despite the rather cluttered process of releasing their previous entries (Expect FFIII to be released on XBLA), It’s nice to see the games are recieving their deserved releases.

Source: (Siliconera)

Gimme Five! Games That Sound Way Better Than They Play

Some games are much better when you don’t have to play them. Usually, this is because of the graphics or…well, mainly the graphics. But a select few games are better heard than played or seen. These are the games you leave paused on a stage just to rock and/or chill out to the awesome tunes included while you tried to forget how much money you would have saved if you just got the soundtrack instead. Let’s listen up for a few games ideally made for an iPod instead of an Xbox!

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Square Enix trademarks Final Fantasy Type-0-

In a move that unsurprisingly has not gone un-noticed amoungst Final Fantasy fans, Squeenix has filed “Final Fantasy Type-0-” For a European release. Alon wth the trademark, a possible logo was given which appears to be in Kanji. This is pretty unusual for corperate trademarking since it makes sense to trademark a name as it culd e easily duplicated while a logo is much more specific. Squeenix has their first production press conference next month so perhaps this is a precursor to the future? A full image of the logo and the trademark in question can be checked out after the jump.

Source: (Siliconera)

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Tactics VI

Final Fantsy Tactics for Iphone released Spring 2011

The remake of Final Fantasy Tactics entitled: Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions was confirmed for the Iphone a while back and was set to be released September 15th 2010. This release date never came into fruition and was delayed to “TBA”. Square Enix confirmed through Facebook that the release date has now been shifted to something more definite in the region of Spring 2011. The game will be released with a new touchscreen interface to benefit the Iphone version of the same and screenshots f the game are avaliable on Squeenix’s Facebook page. This will be a port of the PSP version of the remake which can currently be bought very cheaply due to it’s release on the PSP favourites collection.

Source: (JoyStiq)


Square Enix Delay’s Their January Announcement

Square Enix has had a mystery announcement set up for the 11th at the “Fabula Novalla Crystallis Conference”, I never get tired of that ridiculous name. It was rumoured we might finally get some solid release info or gameplay footageof Versus or Agito XIII. Sadly they have pushed back the event to the 18th for an unknown reason. It still seems like the Final Fantasy XIII group of titles will be the focus. People are also speculating we may hear something about Kingdom Hearts 3D and Dissidia 012 as well.

I have had a growing interest in Final Fantasy Versus XIII because of it’s oddly grounded look. Lot’s of Suits, normal dresses, skyscrapers, and cars with wheels. It’s also been hinted at that Versus XIII will be an action oriented game, sort of like Crisis Core.


7 Reasons why Final Fantasy sucks

In light of the upcoming games, both the MMO and the DS game, AND the article posted yesterday. I decided to poke fun at everything I found weird and annoying in Final Fantasy. Keep in mind this is all in good fun and I actually really like the Final Fantasy series.

1. Which way is Bafsk?
I never seem to know where the next town is, especially in the early games. It seems I always end up going in the opposite direction until I meet an enemy that’s at least 20 levels above me and die. Oh yeah, did I mention I forgot to save? *grumble*

2. It costs how much!?
Why does every town seem to want to charge me more to sleep in a bed than the last town I visited? Did my leveling increase my overall mass size? Am I now a liability to the hotel because I’m so beefed up? What’s going on here, seriously.

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New Music: MGMT – Congratulations

While this may not have it’s place on a gaming blog, I can certainly relate it to TSG. Many of you may remember Baltes coming down for last years Final Fantasy marathon, but what you may not remember is his ringtone which went off, it seemed, constantly. Well that infamous ringtone was a fairly common one at the time, being one of a popular song by MGMT, called “Kids”or “Time to Pretend”, I don’t remember which song he used…either way it was an MGMT song off their first major label album Oracular Spectacular.

That’s how it relates, now what I’m really trying to tell you is they are coming out with a new one. However, since it was leaked early MGMT decided to make it available to listen on their website. Check it out, like it, buy it…do whatever.

Let me warn you though if you liked Oracular Spectacular, don’t expect much of the same here. There’s no prominent “Kids”, “Time to Pretend”, or “Electric Feel.” My personal favorites on the album are “Siberian Breaks” and the title track “Congratulations”.

Square-Enix dropped six composers in late 2009

You may have known that Masashi Hamauzu, composer for Final Fantasy XIII, had left Square Enix, but were you aware five others left as well?

The composers that left include those who have worked on Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XI, The World Ends With You and more. Half of these composers will be going to new studios, the other half currently plan to retire.

For now, Square-Enix is planning on relying more on contracted composers for single projects. It is likely that Square-Enix will probably contract those still working for future projects as well, so it probably won’t be the last time you hear their in a Square-Enix title.

You can check out all the composers who were cut at Square-Enix after the jump.

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