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VG Flash #21 – The Big Whale

Yay! We’re almost through the backlog of these cartoons. Then I can simply bother everyone monthly or so instead of daily. Won’t that be great, kids?

Here’s The Big Whale, starring… a big whale. It’s a huge leap of logic to make that connection, I know. I originally made this just for fun, because I wanted to do a cartoon that did a lot with a little;  I made this big, elaborate whale character and just focused on the fun of riding him around instead of working in some elaborate story. People seem to dig Giant Happy Space Whale. AS WELL THEY SHOULD.

TSG announced the date of their Final Fantasy marathon shortly after I made this, so I held onto it until then. I’m sneaky like that.

VG Flash #13 – The Fierce Battle

Stupid puns! Goofy attacks! Typos in the credits! This cartoon has it all. I always thought the statues in Final Fantasy 6 were kind of creepy. I mean they’re just standing there, but you know all the insane attacks and spells are coming from them.

So I destroyed all the creepiness by replacing them with a big cartoony sloth statue. Because that’s how I roll.

Nintendo Download for North America October 5th

Its a good week for Wii owners with the original Final Fantasy hitting the Virtual console. Word Searcher is available for WiiWare too…but you have Final Fantasy! (No offense to those looking forward to Word Searcher)

DSiWare owners gets Thorium Wars, which sounds pretty promising, but we shall see.

Check out the full details on each title after the jump.

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Final Fantasy coming to Virtual Console outside of Japan

Japan has been getting the original entries in the Final Fantasy series for the Famicom(NES) on their Virtual Console service the last few months, but North America and Europe have been left in the dark.

But finally the original game that started one of the largest video game franchises and saved an entire company, Final Fantasy, has been confirmed for a North American release on the Virtual Console through a ESRB listing. Hopefully this leads to the European release some time soon as well.

To my knowledge this is the first time the game has ever been released on another system in its original form. Gamers who don’t own the original cartridge can finally experience Final Fantasy in all its 8-bit glory all for a mere $5.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers barely lands in 2009 for North America

If you were planning on giving or receiving Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers on Christmas day you are out of luck. The game releases the day after Christmas in North America, December 26th. It seems like an odd date for North America, but it could be that they are trying to benefit from all the shoppers  after the holidays looking to spend their holiday earnings or gift cards.

(Source: GoNintendo)

TSG hits the CBS and NBC local news.

Eariler today (Tuesday) a CBS News crew rolled up to TSG Headquarters to film a piece about them. They interviewed a few members and showed what TSG represents. This marathon is sets and represents a milestone for us

Video Gamers Hold Marathon Session For Charity:

Marathon Video Gamers Talk About Fundraiser:


Speedgamers Raise Funds For Autism (RAW):


Final Fantasy Marathon details

TheSpeedGamer’s Final Fantasy marathon to raise money for ACT Today begins Friday July 17th @ 6pm cst and will last one week (168 hours straight!). Final Fantasy 1-12 will be played with no tool assistance. A game feed will be hosted here on our site www.TheSpeedGamers.com alongside a commentary feed and chatroom.

Many great prizes will be given away to viewers and donators such as various artwork by Anatotitan, cactuar and chocobo plushies from Skeletor1991, a mouse pad from Ruju, Gwellin will be giving away an album and tee shirt from Video Games Live along with a Tidus (FF10) figure.

Games (in play order) and players

Final Fantasy I:Kilgard (Completed in 6 hours)
Final Fantasy II:Local (Completed in 22 hours)
Final Fantasy VI:Cross Warrior (Completed in 6 hours and 20 minutes)
Final Fantasy V:Phil
Final Fantasy III:Gwellin (Completed in 25 hours and 30 minutes)
Final Fantasy VII:Dustin (Completed in 24 hours)
Final Fantasy IX:Daniel L. & others (Completed in 28 hours and 30 minutes)
Final Fantasy VIII: Baltes (Completed in 23 hours and 59 minutes)
Final Fantasy IV: BlackDuck
Final Fantasy X: Rob & others
Final Fantasy XII: Britt & Chase

Final Fantasy XI will be played by an honorary participant “Nobody X” who has a form of Autism so the cause is very close to her heart. She will begin streaming the morning of Friday July 24th. There will be an extra feed showing her progress through the game.

Awesome Final Fantasy prizes donated by Ruju and Skeletor1991!

I recently got in the mail a Final Fantasy mousepad from Ruju and four plushies (2 cactuars & 2 Christmas chocobos) from Skeletor1991. We will be giving away both of these contributions as prizes in our Final Fantasy marathon for ACT Today that begins  on July 17th @ 6pm cst. Everyone should show their love to both of the forum members.

Check em out!


Hand drawn art by Anatotitan to be given away!

Anatotitan has hand drawn 50 images to be given away during the Final Fantasy Marathon for Act Today (Autism)! We will be giving away the drawings to the top 50 donators. Don’t miss this rare chance to win art from TSG’s official artist. Take a look at three  previews she has provided.


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