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GameStop Planning Cloud Gaming Service

With the digital download market on the rise every year, GameStop has to start looking at the future and how to survive as the market continues to change. Today at an investors conference, GameStop announced that they are working to become a “technology company” rather than just a retailer.


So how does GameStop plan to do this? Through their purchase of SpawnLabs, they are going to be launching a cloud based OnLive like gaming service. They will allow players to stream high-definition titles right to internet enabled devices. These features will be integrated into GameStop’s site. You can see the example they showed after the jump.


Initially streaming titles will require you to be a Power Up Rewards member and to have purchased the game from GameStop, but they are looking into registering games you’ve purchased at other retailers.  Pricing has yet to be finalized, but it sounds likely that there will be some sort of subscription fee to stream.


But that’s not the only way GameStop plans to compete. They also recently purchased Impulse, a Steam competitor to “fiercely” compete with the massive digital distributor. They are even considering developing their own GameStop branded tablet that will be optimized for the streaming service.


So when is all this change scheduled to happen? GameStop plans on putting the service into Beta sometime this year, and then launch the service in 2012.


GameStop has sort a bit of a stigma for being terrible. Whether you like them or not, would you give a Steam and/or OnLive service run by them a shot?


(Source: Dallas News Tech Blog 1 and 2 via Engadget)


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Gimme Five! Things Learned While Working Video Game Retail

Ah, video game retail. Sometimes it can be awesome, like with your local used games store or a small retail chain with awesome prices. Or it could be Gamestop. Either way, every gamer has experienced the inside of a game store at least once. What everyone hasn’t experienced is working for one. The job seems simple from the outside, but there are things you discover on the other side of the cash register. Having just left a job at a cool used game place, I’ve seen these things firsthand. Here are the five biggest things I learned as a nerd for hire!

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Rumor: Gamestop Reveals NGP Price and Release Date

Gamestop doesn’t seem to have a problem with listing prices for products it hasn’t received official prices for, but even so they now have the NGP listed for a release date of January 1st, 2012 (which also seems like a strange date) on their website, but more importantly, with a price tag of $299.99.

Again, this is ONLY A RUMOR so take this information with a grain of salt. A $300 price tag seems appropriate for the NGP, which would notably be more expensive than the 3DS (but we were already expecting that), but with more potential capabilities than Nintendo’s handheld. No matter what, a price in this rumored range is definitely a lot better than the Playstation 3 at launch date ($599.99).

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IGN and Gamestop Advertising Merger

It was recently announced that the hit internet gaming website, IGN and the hit gaming sales company, Gamestop, have officially merged together for a better advertising program.  What exactly it was created for is currently uknown, but several things have already been announced to keep gamers from their tendency of harrassing the in-boxes of the major gaming companies.

1) IGN will begin representing Gamestop’s online sales [alongside a new form of online advertising].

2) Content from IGN will begin appearing alongside Gamestop’s website.

3) GameStop will still be required to purchase ad-space at IGN.

4)   Traffic between the two sites will be merged.

5)  [Apparently] Each side will be gaining new forms of markets from the deal, thus making both sides of the transaction beneficial.

Source:  PaulGaleNetwork

Leaked Black Friday Game Stop Flier Reveals Console Bundles and Deals

Do you like saving money? Maybe you do. And if you like video games, you should direct your attention to GameStop’s Black Friday deals.

Kotaku has a leaked flier for this year’s GameStop Black Friday deals. The flier includes savings on a ton of old and new titles, along with bundles for each Bconsole. If you happen to be in a GameStop on black Friday, there is plenty here that you’ll want to take  a glance at.  So head over to Kotaku to check out the thirteen page flier.

“Dreamcast Collection” May Be Coming to Xbox 360 & PS3

Enjoying some of the old Dreamcast games that have been rereleased recently (Such as Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi)? You may have a chance to relive some more of your favorite Dreamcast classics very soon. The questions is, which ones?

As of now, we know from a listing on Gamestop’s website (that has now been removed) that a Dreamcast Collection from Sega of America will be releasing for Xbox 360 and PS3. The game had a release date of February 15 and a price of $29.99

While this info is subject to change, we still don’t know which games could be included in this package. What do you want to see be remade?

(Source: 1up)