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Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax; Need I say more?

In a move that shocked EVERYONE, While Marvelous have been working on 30 second Hero for the PSP, Korea’s Video Game Rating board revealed the title “Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax” as a trademark for XBLA. The trademark was put down by Microsoft which is interesting considering that Cyberfront Korea usually publishes the series (Half Minute Hero and Hero 30 were originally trademarked by Cyberfront). However this is a minor issue at best considering that cross trademarkig has occured before. For anyone hoping for an English release, the name has also been trademarked by Australia’s ratings board so HMH fans may be in luck this time.

Source: (Siliconera)

Marvelous Planning Hero 30 Second Presentation

Marvelous announced today it will be holding a special presentation for 30 Second Hero, the sequel to Half minute Hero (Also known as One millionth, fifty-one thousandth two hunderdth Year Hero). The presentation which commences January 27th will be titled “Hero 30 Second Presentation: Aiming For a True RPG” and will consist of producer and director Kenichiro Takagi providing an introduction to the title. Marvelous will be holding a live broadcast of the presentation for anyone not at the presentation itself. The Demo is currently avalaible from JP PSN which reached 100,000 downloads as of today. More details will be reported as they are announced.

Half-Minute Hero Sequel Drops Princess 30, Knight 30 and Evil Lord 30

Yesterday, Marvelous Entertainment announced that they are giving Half-Minute Hero fans a second helping of the PlayStation Portable exclusive. But if you were expecting any mode aside from Hero 30, you will be disappointed.

Half-Minute Hero’s sequel drops the three other modes available in the title in favor for a more in-depth Hero 30 mode with five full scenarios. Marvelous has announced details on two scenarios so far, each with their own different goals: Hero 30 Judgement has the hero trying to escape the gates of hell while fighting demons, while Hero 30 Revolution has players playing as a princess trying to escape curfew.

The title will have over 90 levels, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Players can make their own levels, play co-op missions, and more.

(Source: Siliconera)

Half-Minute Hero Returns

The half-minute hero returns in a true sequel to the 2009 PlayStation Portable exclusive, Half-Minute Hero. While the title has been announced, little details have released.

Previously there was a spiritual sequel that  also hit the PlayStation Portable, but it never released outside of Japan. Hopefully, XSeed Games and Rising Star Games, the publishers of the original title outside of Japan, will pick this one up for localization.

(Source: Siliconera)
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