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inFAMOUS 2 Review


You are Cole MacGrath, the ‘Demon’ of Empire City. You unwittingly set off an explosion that leveled 5 city blocks, killed tens of thousands of people and started the worldwide spread of a lethal plague that just might be the end of humanity. It also gave you, as well as a few select others, superpowers. One of them is now a gigantic monstrocity, a manifestation of chaos that grows stronger with every life it extinguishes as it carves its way down the Eastern Coast of the US, following your evacuation to New Marais, Louisiana.You made this mess and have the ability to do something about it, but will you?

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inFamous 2 ‘Quest for Power’ Trailer

inFamous 2 is just around the corner, launching this June. Of course, when you have a game that is essentially a super hero title, new powers are always important! In the ‘Quest for Power’ trailer, you’ll get a good luck at a few tricks Cole will learn throughout the title.  A flaming bird tackle thing, an icy super jump, ice spikes and more.


So where does Cole get these powers? In inFamous 2 he travels to New Marias to find the man behind the Ray Sphere technology, Dr. Sebastian Wolfe. The doctor has developed Blast Cores, which can help Cole enhance his powers. Cole will need to find all six of these Blast Cores.


You can check out the trailer yourself after the jump.


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New Infamous 2 Trailer

I had almost completly forgotten that we were getting a sequel to the fantastic Super Hero open world game Infamous this year. Set in a New Orleans style town where you will be battling monsters and people alike with both ice and electric based powers. The game sems really interesting although I really want to know how you get you hands on ice powers. Sadly the trailer is strictly story based comic style cutscenes. Check out the trailer below and a bunch of screenshots.


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inFamous 2 PAX Gameplay Footage and Screenshots

If you didn’t get to attend PAX this year, Sony has released some screenshots along with some gameplay footage for inFamous 2.  The media shows off a variety of new and old electrical power thingies that are in the game. I never played the first one, so can’t say which ones are new.

Those of you who have played the first game, or are interested in the second one, should definitely hit the jump.

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Sony’s Gamescom Conference 2010 Round-Up

And so, Sony’s Gamescom conference comes to an end. During their part, they announced the 160GB and 320GB PS3 systems and they gave fans new trailers for sequels for some of the most popular games on the system. Such titles include: InFamous 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Resistance 3, Killzone 3 and as an interesting surprise.

Insomniac games, who you’ll remember as being beaten by Valve in my top Developer tournament, announced they will be combining the first four Ratchet and Clank games into one disc with 4 player co-op. Trailers of all the previously mentioned games are after the jump.

Update: Resistance 3 trailer added

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inFAMOUS 2 Comic-Con Story Trailer

No, we have no inFAMOUS 2 gameplay today. But story and cutscenes are all over the menu. The cutscenes follow a comic book art style – very fitting considering the trailer is for Comic-Con.

inFAMOUS 2 is set for a 2011 release window and is a PlayStation 3 exclusive. If you haven’t checked out the first title, it is pretty cheap now thanks to it joining the PlayStation 3’s Greatest Hits line of games.

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Portuguese Magazine Probably Teasing InFAMOUS 2

Official PlayStation Magazine in Portugal is teasing “the announcement of a great PlayStation 3 exclusive.” Above the text they show the eyes of, what appear to be, the main character of InFAMOUS, Cole MacGrath, which you can check out after the jump.

It is probably InFAMOUS 2, especially since  Sony recently registered a domain name for the title.  I think at this point, the game is pretty much confirmed. We can probably expect to see something at E3.

(Source: Scrawlfx)

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Sony Registers Infamous2TheGame.com

Sony gave us quite the puzzle. The company recently registered for the url “Infamous2TheGame.com.” Hmm… who knows what that could be for. Maybe Sony is publishing Duke Nukem Forever and that will be the URL?

On a completely unrelated note, there has been much speculation that the sequel to the PS3 exclusive InFamous will be showing up at E3. Despite Activision’s Prototype creating a bit of a hurdle for the new IP, the original InFamous was received quite well by both critics and consumers.

The original InFamous is now a Greatest Hits title, so you can check it out for a fairly reasonable price.

(Source: Kotaku)