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New 320GB 360S HDD Coming Next Month

Bought a new 250GB Slim model 360 only to be outclassed by your buddies and their shiny new limited edition consoles, rubbing their larger hard drives in your face?

Well, put your jealousy to rest later this month when Microsoft makes that same hard drive available to buy for a measly $129.99! And to make it even more tempting, they’re throwing in a free download of LEGO Star Wars III!

And considering that’s currently the price point of the 250GB hard drive, it’s more than likely the smaller option will get a reduced price soon as well.

(Source: Destructoid)

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Launch Trailer

Are you planning on picking up Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. This sequel in the popular Lego Star Wars franchise was announced for a March 22 release yesterday for the Wii and Nintendo DS, and as a launch title for the Nintendo 3DS.

We even received a cool launch trailer for the 3DS version of the game that looks pretty impressive and shows off the capabilities of the 3DS very well. You can check out the trailer after the jump, and you can expect to see TSG tackle this game, among many others, at this year’s week long Star Wars marathon in July.

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Lucas Arts announces Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars

The Lego series has taken a bit of a side rode going to franchises like Batman and Indiana Jones, but the series is returning to the franchise that made them big, Star Wars.

Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars will feature characters from the animated TV series along with other popular characters from the rest of the rest of the Star Wars series. Along with characters they will be adding a all new battle mode, an upgraded level builder, and all new abilities.

The title will be hitting all major platforms and is currently set for a TBA date.