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TSGWritecast 2 Coming At Your Faceholes!

In this second episode of the TSGWrite cast Phantomarauder is missing and Localretard fills in. Slow week for video games so we talk about Jellybeans,Soap,Movies,TV, and a little bit of games. As for the songs in this episode the first one is Twin Peaks Theme from the Twin Peaks soundtrack and then we go to Thanks Mario, but our Princess is in another Castle by The Mountain Goats & Kaki King and after that Rococo from Arcade Fire off of The Suburbs in honor of their Grammy win, and finally we end with a remix of the ending theme from Pee Wee’s Playhouse by Brian Ellis that you can hear here. Also stay tuned or just skip to the end if you get bored because after the ending song we have a special surprise from Oculin to You.


Local’s Music: “Going Nowhere”

Well I decided to make a free album similar to Anatotitan’s OILD Soundtrack however the difference here will be all of the music will be original and I will show you a little bit of the process I go through. I’m hoping this will inspire some people to try their hand at it.

Now when I said all the music will be original, this means it will all be written and played by me. No loops, no samples. I’m not saying those things are bad I actually quite enjoy remixes, but I just won’t be doing them.

To start this off let me introduce you to “Going Nowhere”, I hope you all enjoy.

[audio:http://localretard.com/download/Going_Nowhere.mp3|titles=Going Nowhere|artists=Local]

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