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MAG 2 Confirmed by an Unlikely Source

We got confirmation on the sequel to the hit FPS game for the PS3, MAG: Massive Action Game. However, the interesting story isn’t so much the announcement but rather, the announcer. The listing for the game was seen on Walmart’s website, stating that you could get your hands on the game on January 25th, 2011 if you wish to preorder it. Additionally, the game’s listed price is the standard $60.
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MAG beta extended

The beta for the 256 player online first person shooter, MAG, was going to have its beta end on November 23rd, but the developer has decided to continue the beta with “MAG Beta 4.5.” It seems that all current beta players should be able to continue playing the beta after completing a small download.

The only problem is that now is future customers who pre-order in store won’t be able to play the beta, since their beta code will be invalid for MAG Beta 4.5. In order for those who haven’t preordered yet to get a voucher for the beta they will need to pre-order online at GameStop.

(Source: Destructoid)