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Goal met, fun had

Aiyoh, I’m exhausted. I thought this marathon would be a breeze compared to our week long Final Fantasy marathon but I’m still beat.

What a great summer we had with you guys. I’m proud of our community that continues to grow and do amazing things for society.  I guess us gamers aren’t so bad after all, huh?

Our Halloween marathon starts Octobers 30th and lasts 48 hours. We will be playing the Resident Evil series and currently you can vote on the cause we are gaming for in the forums.

Mega Man Marathon details

TheSpeedGamer’s Mega Man marathon to raise money for Earthday.net begins Friday August 14th @ 6pm cst and will last 72 hours. A live game feed will be broadcast right here on our site www.TheSpeedGamers.com alongside a commentary feed and chatroom.



To keep things interesting we’ve decided during the evening hours to commentate outside in light of the cause we are gaming for.

Many great prizes will be given away to viewers and donators. Mana potions is supporting us again by giving the top 3 donators (6pack combo Mana/Health, T-shirt, Wristband, Mousepad) and top 3 runner-up donators (4pack Mana/Health, wristband) for the event.

Click “Read the rest” to see which Megaman games we will be playing and who will be playing them. Continue reading Mega Man Marathon details

We could not have done it without you!

Thanks so much for everyone’s contribution, we couldn’t have done it without you. We smashed our original goal of $20,000 and have raised over $50,000 for ACT Today! The chipin will stay up until Monday.

Right now we are all a little awe struck and exhausted. We are having one last dinner as a group and then we go back to our normal lives.

Sorry for the long delay, It has been hectic lately. I’ll never forget last week, I’m very proud of what the TSG community has done. Fun and fullfilling doesn’t do justice when describing what was last week. Lets just go with the over used term EPIC. With my free time I’ve visited all sorts of sites that redirected to us, wrote about us, tweeted, ect. and I still cant get over the amount of support we received. I’ve also got a chance to look at all the fan art and it never fails to keep me smiling for hours. There’s no better way to relive the marathon then through the artistic minds of the viewers. You guys are great.

The one downfall was that we didn’t finish all the games by our 168 hour deadline. But hey, that just gives us reason to make a second attempt somewhere down the line 😉

Be sure to check out our 72 hour Megaman marathon for earthday.net starting August 14th @6pm cst.

Our store has reopened since the marathon has concluded.


TSG hits the CBS and NBC local news.

Eariler today (Tuesday) a CBS News crew rolled up to TSG Headquarters to film a piece about them. They interviewed a few members and showed what TSG represents. This marathon is sets and represents a milestone for us

Video Gamers Hold Marathon Session For Charity:

Marathon Video Gamers Talk About Fundraiser:


Speedgamers Raise Funds For Autism (RAW):


Awesome Final Fantasy prizes donated by Ruju and Skeletor1991!

I recently got in the mail a Final Fantasy mousepad from Ruju and four plushies (2 cactuars & 2 Christmas chocobos) from Skeletor1991. We will be giving away both of these contributions as prizes in our Final Fantasy marathon for ACT Today that begins  on July 17th @ 6pm cst. Everyone should show their love to both of the forum members.

Check em out!


Hand drawn art by Anatotitan to be given away!

Anatotitan has hand drawn 50 images to be given away during the Final Fantasy Marathon for Act Today (Autism)! We will be giving away the drawings to the top 50 donators. Don’t miss this rare chance to win art from TSG’s official artist. Take a look at three  previews she has provided.


Continue reading Hand drawn art by Anatotitan to be given away!

Metal Gear Marathon Wrap-up

Thanks everyone for another enjoyable marathon.  The viewers were steady throughout and our store grand opening went great. I think the rest of the marathons you see from us will always either be for some sort of charity or cause. It seems to add quiet a bit more enjoyment for both the viewers and us.

Now we look ahead to the much talked about Final Fantasy marathon which starts July 17 and will last a week. More details will be posted soon.

If you won a prize expect an email shortly and I will ship ASAP.