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Mario Marathon Info Video

Britt told me to put this on the blog. I told him he wasn’t the boss of me. Punches were thrown, dynamite was detonated, but in the end we agreed that I was right. But I’ll post it here anyway since the poor dear is now missing upwards of 83% of his internal organs.

Anyway feel free to use this when promoting the marathon!

The video I mean. Not Britt’s spleen and lungs.

OILD: The Crystal Caves

Hey there! You must be here because you love ice levels! And because you love The Speed Gamers! Did you know we’re having a Mario marathon on December 14th? We’re raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation! Tune in for some awesome games and sweet prizes, like handmade wooden item blocks and a Wii U Deluxe! Anyway, I figured we should start off this holiday right. If you’ve been watching TSG for the past 5 years, you might think you’re hardcore. You might think you know games. You might think you have what it takes to survive. But can you traverse invisible bridges? That’s right, the first ice level is the Crystal Caves, from Dark Souls!

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