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PSP Titles Receiving HD PS3 Remakes

The PlayStation Portable is one of the most successful handhelds that didn’t carry the Nintendo name. And while that is a big achievement, it definitely didn’t rise to the Nintendo DS popularity level. As of today, the PSP is sort of just that other system.  And while there’s some great software on it, why go out of your way to buy one now? Sony seems to be thinking the same thing.


Sony will be selling HD revamped versions of PSP games. In addition to HD visuals, the titles will also support stereoscopic 3D, new add-on contact, and the ability to transfer your save data to the PS3 version of a title. As of right now there is only one title announce for the HD revamp – Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. In Japan, the title will be released on a single blu-ray disc.


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has yet to see a release in North America or Europe, so we’ll have to see if we actually get the title. But I’m sure titles like God of War: Ghost of Sparta are probably on the list of titles for the western market.


You can check out some of the HD Monster Hunter Portable 3rd footage after the jump.


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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Screenshots

Capcom has yet to announce the next entry in the Monster Hunter series for North America or Europe, probably thanks to them waiting on some late adopters for Monster Hunter Tri. But in Japan, fans are looking towards Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on the PlayStation Portable.

Capcom has released a bunch of screenshots for the title. And if you played Monster Hunter Tri, the screenshots will look very familiar. Apparently, the Monster Hunter series recycles a good bit of content between releases. So if you are looking for an entirely new entry, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd may not be the place to look.

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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Announced for PlayStation Portable

Monster Hunter Tri is hitting North America soon, but Japan is already asking for what is next. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is exactly what is next in Japan.

The new title is set in a village called Yukumo village which has a heavy Japanese influence. This village is the main base for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Inside of towns there will be a new sauna as well. Outside of towns there will be new types of fields and Monsters for players to tackle.

In Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G you could have a Felyne partner, but this time around players can have two feline partners. Not only will players have double the cats, but will be able to fully customize the gear they wear.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd is set for late 2010 in Japan exclusively on the PlayStation Portable. We can probably expect to see the title some time during 2011.

(Details source: andrisang)

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