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Seth Green Not Joker in Mass Effect Movie

Legendary Entertainment, the company behind the Mass Effect movie, has finally released information about the project they have been working on, and one noticeable piece of intel is Seth Green will not be taking the role of Joker.

While fan backlash has been started over smaller things, it could be a clever swerve, or they are trying to put their own spin on it. The movie will also be an entirely new story as well as focus on male Commander Shepard – no timeline as to when, just the confirmation of what is not in it – so this won’t be an adaption of the soon to be finished trilogy. No other casting decisions – or indeed, what exclusions have been made certain, but Legendary – the company behind Inception and The Dark Knight, did state that Bioware were heavily involved in the process of making sure the story would fit in with the timeline.

With movies adapted from games being notoriously…meh, one of the greatest series in recent times now faces a challenge – will the new story, lack of two fan favourites in the form of FemShep and Seth Green be a hinderence, or will Legendary buck the trend? I’m desperately hoping for the latter.

(Source: Kotaku )

Madden 20XX Movie : Yes This is Actually Happening

Because apparently this is not a very bad joke gone horribly horribly wrong, EA Entertainment VP Pat O’Brien is seeking to create a film based on the “Madden Curse”, which apparently dictates that a sign of a player’s career is ending when they make the front of the Madden video game cover.  The movie will apparently cover a  ” former Madden video game champion who is forced out of retirement just as he finds himself on the corner of the game’s cover.” The genre has been defined as a “sports-comedy”.


Source: Destructoid

Saint’s Row “3” and Saint’s Row Movie Readying for Annoucement

Fans of the Saint’s Row franchise can rejoice!  [Ok, so pretty much just me around here can rejoice].  Saint’s Row developers announced that the next installment in the Saint’s Row series as well as a live action movie are going to be announced next month.  While no details were announced regarding either of the projects, developers assured gamers that both will remain as “over the top” as the previous games.

If the movie is as over the top as the games, then I think I’m going to cry tears of joy…

Source:  Joystiq