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Game Review: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

I know it’s been out for a little bit, but hey it’s the last month of school and that means gearing up for finals…so calm down.

I review probably one of the best original wii games to come out this year, and to be clear by original I mean no “New Play Control” or “Trilogy” packs.

I skip out on reviewing the multiplayer mostly because I don’t have any friends around when I want to capture the footage, but also because you’re most likely not going to buy the game for the multiplayer. Anyway enjoy, and comments are always welcome.

[flv width=”648″ height=”378″]http://videos.thespeedgamers.com/reviews/nsmbw_review_conv.flv[/flv]

Two New Super Mario Bros. Wii Trailers

Super Skills Trailer

GoNintendo got a hold of some new trailers for New Super Mario Bros. Wii (the Super Skills one was pulled off the NSMBW website). The  super skills trailer  shows off some fancy gameplay of players who have obviously have had some time with New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

The second trailer is a more traditional trailer and shows off the Ice Suit. You can check out the second trailer after the jump.

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