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Rumor: Nintendo DS Successor Details

Apparently over at GDC there was some developers willing to talk about the DS successor which is rumored to be in the hands of some development teams. Game Informer spoke with many of these developers and reported back their findings.

First of all, the system they said the system has two screens like the DS but larger  ( they didn’t specify if this includes DSi XL). The gap between these screens is supposbly so narrow that developers can now make one single picture rather then worrying about the separation of screens.

In terms of power, the developers are saying that it is comparable to the Gamecube’s graphics. The dev kits are supposedly very easy to work with and that Gamecube and Wii developers have no problem jumping on board.

And of course, the supposed accelerometer that caused such a fuss earlier this year is said to be present in the system.

These developers reported that Nintendo plans on having the system finalized by the end of this year. Whether or not it will actually launch this year is unknown though.

Some developers said that Nintendo might show it at E3 this year, but they were unsure.

Those are some juicy bits, but of course they are all rumors.

How do you feel about the rumored additions? Anything in particular you would want or not want to see in Nintendo’s next portable?

Rumor: Pokemon Company and other developers already have hands on DS2 dev kits

CVG spoke with an industry insider who says that the DS2 dev kits are out and in the hands of multiple developers, including The Pokemon Company.

Their insider has supposedly worked with the early dev kits of the platform saying “It’s genuinely the best thing I think I’ve ever worked with.

According to him, we can expect similar motion controls to the iPhone, but much improved over it. “I can tell you that it’s got a ’tilt’ function that’s not dissimilar to iPhone, but does a lot more. We know that The Pokemon Company are getting special attention with it.

Their source wouldn’t say more, but he did say he had doubts the platform will be revealed at GDC.

Iwata strikes back at DS successor information; swats down “WiiHD” speculation

This whole back and forth between Nintendo and news publication Asahi can finally come to and end as the man himself Satoru Iwata, company president and CEO of Nintendo Corporation Limited, came out to clear up all the confusion about his supposed quote.

Iwata said that the reporter asked him the question of “The next DS will need to have high resolution graphics and include a motion sensor, wouldn’t you say?” Iwata replied “Those are naturally considered requirements. However, do you believe it will sell with just this?

That changes it quite a bit from the original quote which said the DS would have better graphics and motion controls. So now it is just the possibility of these additions.

Iwata also goes on to address the WiiHD speculation that doesn’t want to seem to disappear. “If asked if making the Wii compatible with high definition — just making it compatible with high resolution — will get players throughout the world to buy it, I would of course say, ‘Do you think it would sell with just that? It needs something new.

Iwata does say that their Research and Development teams are looking into the next generation of hardware for both the console and portable market, as always, but would not reveal anything significant.

Good thing the whole DS 2 dispute was settled. I was running out of good Iwata pictures!

(Source: andriasang)
(Image Source: BBC)

Japanese publication says Iwata’s DS 2 quote is accurate

The Japanese newspaper that published the interview with Satoru Iwata where he spoke of details on the DS’s successor wants readers to know that the quote was indeed accurate.

A few days ago Nintendo of America said that the quote was “misinterpreted” and didn’t contain any official details relating to the successor of the DS. The publication replied “The article quoted Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s comment accurately.” Which would mean motion controls are back in.

If you didn’t catch the original quote, Satoru Iwata said to the Japanese publication that the next handheld system they produce will have “highly detailed graphics, and it will be necessary to have a sensor with the ability to read the movements of people playing.”

(Source: Kotaku)

Nintendo of America says DS 2 details were “misinterperted”

About a week ago Iwata unleashed info on a variety of upcoming Nintendo products including the successor to the Nintendo DS.  Reportedly Iwata said that it will have “highly detailed graphics, and it will be necessary to have a sensor with the ability to read the movements of people playing.”

Nintendo of America’s senior director of corporate communications Charlie Scibetta is trying to swat that quote down by saying “Mr. Iwata did not make any comments regarding the functions of Nintendo’s future hardware systems.” Instead he blames the misinformation on the press source. “The answer to the reporter’s question was misinterpreted.

I’m not sure what to think about that. I’m sure their portable system will have improved visuals of some sort, but the question is if it will have motion controls. I’m not sure why Nintendo of America would try to sweep it under the carpet.

(Source: Kotaku)
(Image Source: Gearfuse)

Zelda Wii set for 2010, first details on DS successor

Nintendo was originally iffy on whether or not the next Zelda would be released by the end of this year, but Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata has set a solid 2010 release date. It is unknown what region this date is for in specific, so some regions may have to wait until 2011 depending on how late in the year Zelda Wii launches.

Iwata spoke briefly on the DS successor saying that the system will have “highly detailed graphics” and include motion controls similar to that of the Wii.

Iwata also noted that they plan on showing off software for the Wii Vitality Sensor in July.

(Source: Kotaku)